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Hi! I would really appreciate any insight on bringing my dog and my car to Ecuador. Thanks!

I don't live there yet but I am pretty sure the dog is ok as long as you have shot records but I think the car has to be less than 2 yrs old . Scott

The school I will be working for is doing my visa. My car is 4 years old, does that mean I can't bring it?

You are so helpful! Thank you very much!

I just got back from 2 weeks in Ecuador.  Part of that was spent in Quito at International Living's 5th Ultimate Event which talks about lots of countries to move to and how to go about it. The other time was spent looking for property.

Regarding cars in Ecuador, if you want to ship your car it must be less than 4 years old.  They will not let your bring your car into the country if over 4 years old.  Check with International Living to get all the details.

Bringing in pets is not a problem.  I have 2 cats which I will be able to bring in the plane's cabin when I take them.

Good luck to you.
P.S.  The pets must have a certificate of good health from your vet, and this is a very short 1 week or 10 days, but certainly not any longer than that.

Thanks all! I will check with the consulate;)

Elainey - Which airline are you flying that will allow you to bring your cats in the cabin to Ecuador?

I am moving to Quito at the end of September and will be bringing my dog with me.  He's small enough that he fits the size requirements for traveling in the plane cabin, but I haven't found an airline so far that allows pets in the cabin between the US and Ecuador, only in cargo.  I would be thrilled to have him fly with me in the cabin, so please let me know which airline. Thanks!

Sorry, but I don't know, since I wouldn't be taking the cats there for at least a year.  I'm surprised that they wouldn't let you take the dog in the cabin.  I wouldn't want my pet to be in cargo either.  Maybe you can say that he's a service dog.  I do know that there is now a pet airline that only flies pets but that's only in the U.S.  Check with the Ecuador airlines; If I find out any information, I'll let you know.

Check out this site.  It has several links regarding dog travel and mentions American Airlines that I flew to Quito.  Good Luck on your search.

Thanks for the link, Elainey - the article is very helpful.  It lists a lot of great resources. 

I will probably be flying American Airlines to Quito, but they definitely don't allow pets in the cabin between the US and any Central or South American country.  It is listed on their website and I called them a couple months ago to find out if there was any getting around the rule.  No such luck, unfortunately.

So sorry!!!  Good luck to you.

I just moved to Quito and am desperately looking for a place to rent that will allow dogs.  does anyone have any advice for me or know of any good places for a big dog?  Thank you!

Hi Astutte!
I'm looking at classified ads for Quito apartments that allow dogs, too.  El Comercio's online clasificados have been under construction lately, but are in the print paper.  There are places that allow pets, but it will take some looking and lots of phone calls.  Owners might accept an extra fee each month for a pet. 

I will be in Quito with my dog starting the end of September.  We should get our dogs together for play-dates!

Sounds great- do you know where you are living yet?  I am struggling to find a place that takes dogs- but there is one place that is a 3 bedroom (too big for me) that will allow dogs.  I am still looking though. 
my email is :  alyssastutte[at]

what will you be doing in Quito?  I am a teacher.  I just found an apartment with 3 bedrooms- so maybe if we seem compatible you could live with me?  she said it would be ok to have another dog.  :)

Bringing pets are no problem, for more details check this

For bringing dogs on the flight in the cabin, check with Avianca, the Colombian airline.  I had a client who did this back in February.  He had to do a lot of convincing but at the end his [very small] dog was considered a "service" dog and they brought the dog on in a small pocket-book like carrier that fit under the seat.  He flew from the States, did a layover in Colombia, and onto GYE.   Hope this helps!  Good luck

Thank you.  But don't think my 2 cats can be considered "service animals" since they pretty much do what they want.

It is possible to bring in a car one time free of local taxes if the car is no more than four model years old. It cannot have an "ex-works" value NEW of more than $20,000, or have an engine bigger than 3000 cc. It has to be shipped along with the household goods. The vehicle value is "Ex-Works", which is the price at the point of origin when manufactured. The dictionary definition is: direct from the factory, excluding delivery costs, distribution costs, retail commission, etc.: the ex-works price. Buying it used or from a private party would not enter into the equation from what I can see in the law. They would still use the Ex-works price. You have to have a permanent resident visa to qualify.

To send Pets, (Birds or domestic animals) to Ecuador from the USA the requirements are:

An Animal Health Certificate of the animal signed by a Veterinarian, stating that the animal is free from contagious diseases and is up to date with the required vaccinations. This document should be translated into Spanish and notarized .

The document should be legalized by the USDA of the State where you live, at least 10 days before the trip.

Then you need to bring the document to your nearest Ecuadorian consulate to be certified.

The certification of the Animal Health Certificate at the consulate is US$ 50.00

To retrieve your pet in Ecuador

In order to retrieve your pet once it has arrived to Ecuador, you need to wait 2 to 3 days and pay a tax equal to the 25% of the CIF value (shipment invoice).

However, if you wish to retrieve your pet immediately, you will have to pay a warranty of about 120% of the possible tax (approximately US $600), this amount should be given back to you at a later date.

Passengers are allowed 2 pets per person maximum. Rottweilers and Pit Bulls are not allowed into the country.

Dr. Rene Torres
Ecuador Logistics

This is the first I've heard that you cannot take your pets directly to your new Ecuadorian home.  I don't want to ship my pets. I want to take them with me on the plane.  And, I don't want them in the bottom of the plane.  I had a dog that went in the bottom of the plane and he suffered quite a bit.  Is there any way they can be in the cabin with me???

The following post was made on

It is not mine, and I do not vouch for its veracity, but it is something to consider.

"I have the definitive solution for those moving pets to Ecuador. Continental Airlines has the only pet cargo service which will transport your pet regardless of the heat en route. They use air conditioned vans to bring animals from the terminal to the flight, all pets are in climate-controlled cargo area. Some pets may have to be delayed due to too much cargo (they are secondary after US mail, and only flight goes to Quito a day) but there is a state of the art boarding kennel with exercise runs at Houston airport, run by Continental. They will even groom him/her! Phone staff is extremely knowledgablle."

I hope this helps. And by the way, keeping a pet transported internationally for a few days for health quarantine purposes is not that uncommon. Most countries do it. Then again, many laws here seem to be whimsical, and even though what I quoted you in my previous post was taken right off an Ecuador government website, who knows what is now current. Your carrier is your best source of info.

Dr. Rene Torres
Ecuador Logistics

Muchas Gracias
I would take the extra trouble to fly out of Houston to make sure that the cats are comfortable, since it would only be one time.

We are planing to move to Cuenca in a couple of years from now(2010)We bought an apartment there and saving to move in 2012 .My question is how much does it cost to register a 2008 Impala in Ecuador (a car can be up to 4 years old to qualified in the manaje).

A friend of mine just arrived here in Ecuador with her dog.... she flew LAN airlines, and they only charged her $200 for her dog.  She claims the airline was fantastic with her dog; and they only allow 4 pets per flight, so reserve early enough.  Hope this helps. - Amy

That sounds much better; I'll definitely check into it.  Beautiful picture of Salinas.  I'll be in Manta.  Love the Pacific Coast in Ecuador.  And the rest too.

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