The "No Topic Thread"

After listening to Wild_1 rant and rave for an hour about a few of his posts being removed because hey were "Off Topic" today I came up with an idea. I'll start a No Topic Thread". If there's no topic you can't get your posts deleted because of being off topic. Right?? One word of advice, the other rules of the blog in regards to terms of service when posting still apply.

It may help if you spend sometime (actuall, maybe a significant amount of time) to teach the boy where to look for the topic of a thread, or even explain to him what "a topic" means.

It is not obvious to me that he knows that he is off-topic, thus the rants :lol:

He's doing better though. The teacher said he can count all the way up to ten without taking his shoes off now. I'll work with him...

Good for him that you are still there. Since I left Vietnam, it seems that things are only getting downhill :o.

Can you two shut up for a short while?  I am busy putting others in their proper places!  I will get back to you shortly.

No topic thread?

RIP, Jeff Hanneman from Slayer....

Same happened to me recently moderated even though i think was very on topic! A guy in Malaysia wanted a meetup but made sexual refs that seemed perverted to me and i said so but i got moderated!

so great I suggest in this topic you HAVE to be off topic.

I think bananas should be red.horrible colour yellow! rant away I hate yellow bannanas!!

Humpty Dumpty was actually pushed.....

I never check back to see if someone replied to me so even if my post was moderated (deleted?) I wouldn't know it.

I do admit that I have a tendency to go off tangent. But I just follow the flow of the conversation it's not like someone is seeking advice to obtain a visa and I say the bridge is collapsing.

But what's up with Budman constantly changing his avatar?

khanh44 It gives Wild_1 something to post about....

Han shot first.

Budman is Anatta's uncle; and Anatta is a girl!!!

If the chick he put on as his avatar a few days ago also calls him uncle, I'd have no problem calling him uncle as well. Heck, I'll petition to have his name changed to Ho so everyone has to call him uncle Ho.

Me being a girl? If that would get me a few new "girl" friends, I am all for it.

Anatta that was a picture of my mother in-law.....

Ok, Budman.  So I am Saigonmonkey's uncle!

Guess it's time to change the avatar again...Wild_1 doesn't like the one of his first day in the Navy.....


that is all....

Now, I would remind everyone to stay on the topic of this thread.

It all started with Wild_1 who made everyone to start talking about uncle this and avatar that. Shame on you, Howie, to lead everyone astray. Stay focused, guys :rolleyes:.

Well, tell Julien to get me the new emoticons, then I will focus on this thread's topic.

New emoticons?
How dare you?

Julien, get me those (the ones that Budman's niece has) and I promise to be nice...

Wild_1 :

Julien, get me those (the ones that Budman's niece has) and I promise to be nice...

For God's sake, didn't they teach you how to read back in USC?

Reread my latest posting on this thread about how to add those special emoticons.

Read?  Are you crazy???  I am too good looking to read, Little Girl!  :D

Hey, when do you think Budman is going to get rid of his childhood photo?

And, for the love of God, replace it with his "mother-in-law's.".  Can you believe the guy???

hey wild1, were u from usc.  i am an usc alumni too.

Shsss!!!  That little girl there is a Tree; and there is a Desert Devil lurking on here, somewhere...

Anyhow, welcome to the forum, bro.  Yeah, I am a long time SC guy, '00 Gould School.  LastInTranslation is one as well.

Ah, I don't know if we can hang with a Smurf. Still wearing your blue scrubs, nick? :)

Ok, time to get the USC Alumni Club of Vietnam into active status!

Wild_1 No way am I going to put her back, too many requests to be a contact....

From who?  That sicko, Anatta???  Better yet, your little niece???  :lol:

Have any of you heard or seen Flip65 lately?

Jesus. What is it? Barbarians at the gates? Oops, sorry, I meant the invasion of the Trojans?

Go, Go, Budman's Mother in law. Better her than Budman in diapers.

Wild_1 :

Have any of you heard or seen Flip65 lately?

I think he and Jaitch are hanging out together now - wherever they may be...  Uncle Howie...

saigonmonkey I like your new avatar....

Budman1 :

saigonmonkey I like your new avatar....

Thank you Budman. The wife will appreciate your admiration. I'll pass it along.

saigonmonkey :
Wild_1 :

Have any of you heard or seen Flip65 lately?

I think he and Jaitch are hanging out together now - wherever they may be...  Uncle Howie...

I just sent Flip465 a PM telling him he is missed here on the Blog. Maybe you already did that too, Uncle?

saigonmonkey :

Jaitch are hanging out together now - wherever they may be...  Uncle Howie...

I checked on Jaitch he's back at home where he mods and no one else is allowed to talk..... without his cencsorship....


Guys here's living proof that the "REPORT" button works. The lady that was trying to sell some kind of love potion or some thing posted a free ad. I did the report thing and in minutes, Puff it was gone. LBF, curious about your thumbs up though???

Budman1 :

LBF, curious about your thumbs up though???

My thumbs up where?  or who.....

btw you can tell summer's coming... all the teachers coming out the woodwork seeking work without a clue how the forum works.... :D

LBF, really, Budman and Anatta are teachers??? 

Dang...  It's a good thing I already had my schoolings done!  :lol:

Speaking of school, when are you going to get here, LastInTranslation?  I am getting ready to head back there.  I should be there within 10 days.  What about you, Nick?  Where are you at?

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