support groups in 6th October City (infidelity, divorce)

Are there support groups in Egypt (fingers crossed for 6th October city or some place near)? I joined an online group which isn't really helping, too many people and it's hard to focus on a subject. I'm wondering if anyone have been to a support group after personal life traumas like infidelity, divorce or separation, to talk it out and vent and cuss and maybe some day heal...?

iam from 6th of october city

if you want to meet  and talk tell me on my mail

I think the concept of supportive groups is strange to egyptians. You may find in an expat community like the CSA in Maadi

Have a look in the advert section in english magazines like Community Times or Egypt Today, there are some groups as far as I do remember...


Thanks Caty. I'm not hopeful though. Like you said it's not common to find support groups here.

hey...any news about a support group in 6th October city?im searching too

Hello guys am from 6th of October too let's make group meeting to know each other to can help and support each other

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