Offer at RAK Academy

Hi there everyone! Hope you are all well. I too may be joining in August. I am quite worried as I had an offer at RAK Academy which I accepted but have not heard anything since. Is this normal-please can you share experiences of the process from Interview to settlement in RAK.

Much appreciated.

Hello aminahassiya.

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Hi Amina,

Why not send them an email back?


I did e mail but still heard nothing!

Hi, I also excepted a teaching offer at RAK Academy. I haven't spoke to anyone from the school however  If I need any information I reach out to my recruiter. I am still undecided whether to move there or not.

What grade will you be teaching?

Are you going alone or with family? I am going with my husband but worried about health insurance for  him.

Hi Sharon,

I too will be starting at RAK Academy in August and I am extremely excited.  I will be coming with my daughter. RAK seems like a lovely place and I know a few people who live there and around the UAE, they absolutely love it!

Hi Vinnice, it's nice to hear from someone that will be teaching in the same school as me. Do you know where you will be livng? What grade will you be teaching? I will be teaching KG. I don't know where I will be living but know that it will bE a Studio apartment that I will be sharing with my husband. I am scheduled to leave on August 30. What about you?
Well I hope to hear from you soon.

Hi Sharon,

Great to hear from you.  I don't know exactly but know it will be close to RAK mall. I will send you a private message - due to fly out on/around 26th August.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Hi There,
I will be starting at RAKA in September as well. I am flying out on the 26th August.
Allyson here by the way.

Hi Allyson,

Great to hear from a fellow starter.  Not long to go now...very excited/ nervous.  How are you feeling? Will you be travelling alone?


No, I fly on the 26th. Am  little nervous, but am sure it will all be fine. I am coming over on my own. What about you?

Yes, I fly on the 26th too from London; travelling with my daughter.  It will certainly be fine!

Hi guys
There are jobs available through Ministry of Education.
Is 21000 dhirams per month a good teacher salary?
The package doesn't include accommodation only health insurance and 2 flights per year.

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