Permanent Visa Process faster with NOC letter with No family status?

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I have been staying in Riyadh almost more than 2months on business visa with multiple entry and validity of 90days (stay of 30days and exit/re-entry) which will expire by June mid. My sponsor/employer has provided all documents for processing of Iqama (Work permit Visa) to me three days before and I need to travel to India by Jun 18th. Employer is expecting me to arrive back surely by July 5th for project work where as the Agent in India is saying that degree attestation, embassy verification, university checking all this process will take atleast 2-3 months and instead Agent is advising me to provide ‘NOC’ from employer stating that employee (myself) doesn’t need family status and doesn’t need to attest or verify my degree certificates. According to that agent If I state like this in NOC and get MOFA on the letter then I will get work permit status max to max in 5days and will be able to return to Riyadh. But my colleagues are insisting never to declare that I donot need family status as in future it will cause issue where you really want to bring the family that time. I am not getting what could be done in this circumstances. Please help and advice me.

What profession have they offered on the Iqama?

They have offered 'Systems Analyst' position relevant to my BTech degree

TheLegendLeads, They offered me the designation of "Systems Analyst". can you please help me with your advice in this regard.

This profession *will* need degrees attestation. Though I'm not sure if your agent has ways to get the visa stamped without edu certs attestation.

I'd suggest a No-Go for a compromise like that. Things change fast and soon you may be in need of a family visa. It's better to get it done right from the early stages.

Another option : Go ahead & get your visa stamped. And carry on getting settled. The point in future where you'll need the family visa, you'll have to get the certificates attested. Just make sure that your company will support you then.

Thanks alot TLL, You are in deed a Legend helping so many people with their dilemma/queries/confusions and providing advice in difficult situations. You really rock. Thanks a million :-)

Glad to be of assistance :)


I came to KSA on a 90 day visitor visa with multiple entry. Every 30 days I had to go to Bahrain and re-enter. On 15 May, my 90 day visa expired and I had to leave KSA and return to South Africa. My permanent visa papers had not arrived and I went back to get another visitor visa.
When I arrived back in SA, my permanent papers arrived. I had to undergo medical and all the other formalities. I also needed a South African police clearance. That clearance however take 6 weeks to obtain.
My employer then decided I should return on the new visitor visa. When my police clearance arrive, I will return to South Africa and take my entire application package, which includes:
Visa Application form
Medical form (
2 x passport photo’s should be color with the background being white
Copy of contract from the company in Saudi
Copy of working visa authorization, also from company in Saudi
Police clearance
Original Academic certificates
1 x valid passport

My agent told me that once I hand this to her, I should get my work visa within 5 days.

TLL can you help me.
How do I know my new visa will be family status and that it will be a multiple entry visa?
Must I instruct the agent to apply for that?

Ierfaan :

How do I know my new visa will be family status and that it will be a multiple entry visa?

The easiest way to do this is to check it out in the contract you've signed with the company. 'Family status' must have been specified there.

Second check: Is it possible for you to check the professon name written on the work visa? Govt issues family visa to white-collar job holders (indicated so on Iqama) university graduates.

Work visa is not like biz visa. There are no single/multiple entries on it. Everytime you wish go out, you need to get ERE (exit re-entry visa) from your employer. It's a govt issued documents that your employer arranges with the passport department.

If you're gonna be a frequent flyer, you can have a multiple ERE that's valid for 6 months max.

So, nothing yet to instruct your agent about. Please wait for the police clearance.

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