Learning Arabic

Hello everyone,

Wondered if anyone had info on resources in Kuwait for learning the lingo here.

Any information on courses, home tutors , online learning that anyone has found useful would be most welcome.

Thank you



Me too looking for a good Arabic teacher (preferably in Mahboula/Mangaf/Fahaheel/Fintas area).. A couple of frnz tried learning Arabic by going to these classes at the Aware Centre, but they were not very happy about it and asked me not to go thr to learn the language..

Anyone out thr who knows if thr r any good Arabic classes here or about someone who can teach Arabic??


Hi Life is Fun,

Why did your friends not like the Aware Centre? Aware has been suggested to me only this morning by member of British Ladies Society although there was no one there who has been to this centre.


I'd like to learn Arabic also. if anyone have tutor or class at Friday please let me in.

Hi Jax,

My friends who went to Aware Centre told me that its not as good as they expected it to be. Not worth driving that far for a class with too many people studying in one batch n after a few classes they realised that it wasnt going anywhr and dint continue learning the language thr. Maybe the teacher wasnt that great or something. So no Aware Centre for me n I am looking for someone who cud come over and teach us Arabic at our place or has some serious classes going on with less number of ppl in Mahboula or someplace nearby.
Sorry to dissapoint you Jax.. But Im sure thr's got to be someplace serious enuf out here whr we can learn d language :)


Well for starters you can pick up the "Speak Kuwaiti" book, you can find it in the book store in Fahaheel next to McDonalds, it's a pretty good book although there are a few incorrect pronounciations but it's a start. I agree that the AWARE center was not the best place when I took a class there as it was unorganized and by the last day there were 4 people left which included my sister and I, the distance and traffic is hard as well. There is a channel on youtube that teaches Arabic by a Kuwaiti guy, just a few things to look into until you find that class.

Thanx for your suggestions.. Book sounds like a good start till I find someone to teach me d language f2f..

Hi all hopeful arabic communicators,

Likewise thank you for your info.

I have found a home tutor site and have E Mailed a tutor in my area which is Salwa. Looks like other tutors may be willing to do groups as well.

There was also an online resource called livemocha which looked interesting.


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why pay for something you can get for free? make friends and learn the lingo thru them :) u get a bonus of having fun as well as learning, plus u'll pick up quite a few dialects (not to mention learn an uber amount of useful "expressions of discontent" if u know what i mean ^^ )

Hi Legacy,

I am all for meeting Kuwaitis, making friendships learning the language from them. I agree this is the best way to do it. But what groups would I be looking at/where to meet them?

This is my third week here and so far I am mixing with expats from UK mainly. I would love to mix with other nationalities. UK is soooooooooo boring!!!!!  ( Only kidding UK bods but I really want to spread my wings whilst here in Kuwait )


well im not sure how to go about attracting Kuwaiti's, maybe with some machboos (a Kuwaiti dish)? :P

there are 3 ways i'll share with u:

1) subscribe to EEK magazine - a weekly .pdf with all the happenings in kuwait for expats

2) go to and join the groups for Kuwait

3) - blog for all events in kuwait

and then just put yourself out there and be amazed :)

Hey guyzzz any other options other than Aware centre for learning Arabic. Its difficult to find good tutors aswell.

I'm ready to teach arabic or kuwaiti slang as i'm from kuwait. Contact me if you are intrested.

There is a Institute in Sharq,whose name is I P C (Islamic Presentation Committee).U can contact them for learning Arabic Language.
Most of the time the classes conducted at evening time.
Thanks & Regards
Syed Aftab

Hey Any contact number for I P C ???

Hi all I can help you with that and for free 2 if you're looking for some one to learn the Arabic language I will do it and in the same time you will help me to learn your's too.

Hello! I want to learn arabic also...but our home is very far.....I lived in Salmiya :(

Hi Jax

Do you find any good tutor? i will be Kuwait at end of Oct ...plan to learn Arabic~

how are you?
i'm always going to china and i need to learn chinese language
so i can teach you how to speak and how to write Arabic Language
it means we can teach each other our language
this is my QQ no.: 1265762488
we can start to know each other on QQ
i'm waiting your reply
with my best wishes

Hello futurerayahoo.

Pretty think that you should post an advert in the Language Exchange in Kuwait section.


Karen :)

no need for courses just meet some arab friends u will learn ;)

Hi, moving to kuwait in two weeks, would be awsome to have some friends that'll teach me some arabic or others whom are looking to learn, i can speak very basic arabic atm

Check this number as they have free arabic courses every friday-***

thanks sweet girl

hello there,
my name is rasha and i am from Kuwait so am interested of having friends and i can help you with Arabic too. best of luck

Hi dear Abady,

Have you moved back to Kuwait?

Hello Rasha,

Are you still interested in offering your kindly favor in Arabic language?

Hi dear Abady,

Have you moved back to Kuwait?

@4eyeopener > Can you please avoid posting too much on the same thread? :)

Do note that the last post of the member Abady is from last year, you may not receive response from him.

If you are looking for an Arabic teacher, i will advise you to post an ad here please : Language classes in Kuwait section.


Priscilla  :cheers:

It is much important for me to learn that how to speak arabic ( because I am very fond of this language and feeling awesome when I speak  it .

Hello every one
I am an Egyptian living in Kuwait since 2006, I am intending to take the IELTS exam in next September.

I am looking for a British guy to practice speaking English with him, and this guy can practice speaking arabic with me in return.

If anybody is interested, please contact me, my contact information in shown below.

Thank you in advance


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Hi Motazmaher,

this is an old thread. It would be better if you drop an advert in the Kuwait classifiedsunder the Language exchange section so that interested members may contact you.

All the best,

I am so grateful for your help

I will check it out

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