Any Singaporean or Malaysian Staying in PP cambodia??

I have Line and Whatsapp. But i am specifically looking for my fellow countrymen rather than Taiwanese

What I an suggesting is you and others start a group and each person can invite more to join the group.

OK noted. too busy now in my new job to do that. perhaps later

Hello there,

I have studied in Sunway University and stayed there for nearly 4 years. It was a really good time there while staying in Sunway. One thing i really miss Malaysia is food and shopping malls.

Nywy when will you be arriving here. Welcome to PP...



I am actually from Singapore, and have been in PP for about a month already. Nice to know u Nabin

Nice to know you Cruiserseth........ How you having life in PP? How long you will stay here? Actually i am searching for a room anybody who has or wants to share apartment please, let me know? I am thinking to move from early April?


Hello everyone,

@ Nabin Kumar Bk, have a look at the adverts in the Rooms for rent in Phnom Penh  section of the website, maybe you will find a room and do not hesitate to drop your own "looking for" advert.

All the best,

My name is Gilbert.  Cruiserseth is just a nickname.  I will be here for at least 2 years as it is for employment

Same here Gilbert, I am also here for employment purpose...

@Bhavana i have gone throught your given links.. TQ

Good night and hav a nice weekend all of us...........

Thanks and u have a nice weekend too

Hello all expats...

Hi all, I am planning to shift to Phnom Penh next year for good. Anyone care to introduce any job there. Will be going there on 15/10/16 - 21/10/16. Do wechat me at alvin5126.

Hi all, singaporean here currently will be working in phnom penh for a while. Any fellow sg or chinese here to perhaps meet up?

Hi Mark,

Nice to meet you and I am Edward here.

Hi Felulu,

Good day to you.

I am Edward here from Kuala Lumpur.

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