living in Antwerp with 1800 euro after tax per month

I got a job in Antwerp. Salary they are giving me is 1800 euros after tax + health insurance + pension + year end bonuses + relocation (1.5 months salary).

So is 1800 euros per month good enough stay in Antwerp with a family of 3 (me + wife + baby of 1 year old) with decent apartment + decent spending ?

Please share your thoughts on this with details about expenses while living in Antwerp.

Thanks in advance.

We live less than that with 6 of us, so yes it's enough, so long as you don't want to run a car or go on expensive holidays. Keep your rent to under 800 a month and you'll be fine.

nice to know you, I am also from India.

                 FOOD     - 200
            MISCELLANEOUS - 100
        internet , tv     -  50
   phone to india(jumblo) -  20
  personal mobile for two -  30, so total = 500.

Most of the companies provides rental allowance and some cases car & petrol,outside the net salary, as in Belgium the taxes are very high.You can better confirm that with your HR. How are you so sure about income after tax? As tax system is itself very complicated.

Okay, leaving all this - 500 as stated above.
                        650(rent+maintenance) notsure in antwerp
                         50 (TRANSPORT not sure), u can definitely have a decent living out of this.

Thanks RAVICHANDRAN JAYAPRAKASH and tervurener for your inputs.

Is there any opportunity to find a job for a executive production manager (sri-lankan, indian), english speaking i Belgium?
I am very keen to move to Belgium with our child and he says-only if you find a goog job for me....Currently we r living in Sri-lanka, and I dont consider this country for a great future for our child....   And for me too! :nothappy

Hi olga21,

An introduction would be most welcome. :)

I suggest you to post an advert in the Jobs in Antwerp section, this might help.

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thats more then normal salary here in belgium

Dear all,

I will soon be relocating to Antwerp along with my wife. I have reading up on the blog about the cost of living.

Has there been any change in the cost of living in the past 2 years. Can EUR 1200-1300 expense be sufficient for me and my wife.

Shreeji Doshi

You can live a comfortable life on that budget!

divyanshu :

You can live a comfortable life on that budget!

Hello! Would that still be true since the thread started posted this almost 4 years ago.

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