looking for a friend

i looking for a frined in sweden and knowing more about sweden and moving there .

Hi gazalle,

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Thank you,


Hello Gaz,
I hope you're good. I would suggest you to indicate where in Sweden you are so members here will jump straight to your post. Basically, you have to be specific :)

May I ask, what is your nationality? I'm not racist, don't worry :)
And what would you like to do or offer to a friend you want to meet?

Thanks and regards

Hi ,
my name is Gazalle not Gaz :D
and i'm iranian girl . i looking a friend from sweden for learning swedish and knowing more about there

Forgive, I have this attitude of making my own short name out from the name :)
So yeah, Gazalle..
You didn't answer the questions I ask though..
But anyway, again.
Where in Sweden you are living?
What would you like to do when hanging around? basically, may you tell what would you like to do with a future friend? example tea together, walk in the park, museum etc...

Thank you

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Nice to meet you.  Tet me when you arrive


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