Kyoto in October ^^ Help, please!


My name is Vanessa, I am from Paris, France, and I'm a young worker in the Portuguese Consulate here in town.

I am going to take a "gap year" to go studying the Japanese language in Kyoto, at the NIHONGO Center (international school). So I'm coming to Japan in october, and will need to stay for 6 months in Kyoto, at least.

I've been to the Japanese Ambassy, searching on the web also, but I think that the better in fact would be to talk with people that actually live there and are from different countries...

Well, the school has send me a brochure with different guesthouses but I am searching for a place of my own, I don't really want to share a room with another student who I don't know.

The school location is:
Sakura Building 1F 2F 4F 5F
356 Tominaga-cho Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto

- Is there some websites or do you have any ideas of a place where I could stay? For the moment, the school proposed some guesthouses where I could rent for 3000 €/6 months.

As you can easily imagine, I am saving the most money I can possibly save for this important project in my life, which is to learn and live in Japan for a long period. And if I have enough money, to travel around the country...

- I would like to maybe also rent a bike if I can find a cheap but good place and if it's not too far from school. Is it a good idea? Should I get a bus/train pass too?

Perhaps, if needed, find a little student job.
- Again, if you have any informations where I could find jobs for non speaking japanese (I do speak french, portuguese, spanish, italian and english though)

It's not the first time that I am travelling all by myself in far away countries but usually it's for a month maximum, and it is to spend holidays. I've been to Cambodia and Vietnam as a volunteer teacher and support for children in boyshelters.

- I would perhaps need a new laptop, mine is getting old, which costs money aswell.

- And what about the medicines? I'm at low percent epileptic and I need to have my medical treatment with me there.

Anyway, if you could give me any sorts of advices, for all of these questions (and I know it's a lot)I would be very very thankfull!!


If you are keen on getting used to Japan living right away, why not live with a Japanese family on a homestay arrangement? :) and are sites where you can find suitable homes and arrangements. Depending on the family/house, one or more meals are provided for free, no curfew, etc. Since this will be your first time in Japan, I would suggest living with a family that has hosted foreigners for a long time so it would not be much of a shock to you. Good luck!

Hi severussnape,

Thank you for the sharing of information :)

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