Starting small/medium business in Maputo

hi all, I need your help. I am thinking of moving to maputo, mozambique for business purpose.For which I would like to start first with small or medium business and later on large business.For example, opening an internet cyber cafe with photocopy/printing, mobile phone shop, web design and graphic design training centre etc. Would u help me pls with ur practical and kind answer?
1) Is it possible to do this type of business there ?
2) How much investment required approximately ?
3) How much could be the profit per month from a specific kind of business ?
4) How much will be cost for a(medium category) 1/2 bedroom furnished flat house rent+electricity/gas/water and food cost per month ?

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First off you need to do an in depth,online search of whichever country you are interested in setting up your business. 

You need to find out how to go about getting set up, government requirements for visa,permits, banking,taxes,minimum investment funds etc etc.Some countries require you to have a local partner.

For cost living this site will give you information on many countries and places in the world.

hi Stumpy, many thanks for your tips and suggestion. I would like to move to mozambique. Therefore it would be a great help if any one who is in mozambique or have good idea help me with their practical idea and experience.



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I know that this post is a little bit old.

In general the situation in Mozambique / Tanzania  / Kenya. However, Is that the need for any services is so large and the growth so rapid that almost any small business is thriving.

As it is needed to be thoughtful, it is better to actually learn by doing. Unless you are investing large amounts to get started.


That's true. Actually Mozambique is one of good Countries to invest in business

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