Emergency Services Thailand-Call 1669

Although not developed to the same degree as some nations if you have an emergency in Thailand you can ring 1669 which links you to an emergency call centre. They in turn contact your local unit of the emergency services.

They deal with all sorts of emergency and this includes removing univited reptiles invading your home or garden which of course happens from time to time in Thailand.

This morning I spotted a large King Cobra in the garden as I enjoyed my morning coffee.  My wife called 1669 and a short while later some of the local guys turned up equipped to catch the interloper.

Unfortunately the Cobra had taken refuge in a hole and they couldn't catch it, so I still have the beast somewhere in the garden.

I asked the guys what they did with captured snakes and after a few smiles and laughs they conceded that they released them in the wild unless it was Ngoo Singh (Oriental Rat Snake-non venomous) in which case it would probably end up in the pot as snake soup :)

By the way the emergency vehicles tend to be staffed by local volunteers and rely on donations to operate. A worthy cause and one to which I will be contributing.

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