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Dear All,

I've moved to KSA/Jubail about 6 weeks ago. Today I'm buying my first second hand car. Ofcourse it will be coming with the standard 3rd party insurance. But I want to get a comprehensive insurance to cover for everything, god forbid if it will be necessary.

I've spoken to a Saudi in my company, and he told me about an interesting fact. That, even with comprehensive insurance the max. they will pay is 10.000 SAR.

Could any of you whom have information or actual experience with a comprehensive insurance give me some details about coverage and which company to select or which to stay away from definitely?

(By the way no worries, I've already had a company car for 2 weeks and been driving around without any issues, since I'm a driver from the crazy traffic city Istanbul...)

Thank you all.


With comprehensive insurance, you will be covered for more than SR10k. most companies will estimate the value of the car and this estimation will be used as the base to calculate  both the insurance fees and the compensation value.

For example if the value of your second hand car was 25k then the maximum they will pay you in the case of a total car lost condition will be; 25k - (25k X the yearly depreciation factor X number of years since the car was evaluated on 25K ) the depreciation factor is usually set at 8-12 % a year for the car and 20-25 for the spare parts .

The best and the biggest car insurance company in Saudi is Tawuniya

The number bro @ahmadaq has told is called the claim value. You get this money if (God forbid) the car gets totally damaged.

I've always set the car claim value on my own and no one has ever objected. So, you don't have to agree to 10K if the car market value is more than that.

Depreciation is not the part of calculation in fact. It's as simple as this:

Say your claim value: 25,000 SAR
Premium %age (offered by the insurance company: 4% (an example).
You have to pay the year premium: 1,000 SAR

I suggest to go for a decent company like Tawuniya or Medgulf.


thank you for the answers, today I've contacted Tawuniya for a quote so I'll see what the price will be and exact coverage.

Will update, when I have further info...

X-GeN :


thank you for the answers, today I've contacted Tawuniya for a quote so I'll see what the price will be and exact coverage.

Will update, when I have further info...

Please do. Any questions, give us a shout.

So finally yesterday afternoon I got the insurance, it has costed high but many options included.

One of the interesting things is that, on each accident I will have the part until 1500 SAR has to be covered by me, the rest will be covered by Tawuniya. So if it will be 2000 or 20000 SAR, first I have to pay 1500 SAR. I haven't seen or heard such a thing before, but I see this is the system in KSA.

Another thing I'd like to ask, lets say I'm involved in an accident. The other car has 3rd party only, I have comprehensive. But, could I use his 3rd part to repair my car so I don't have to pay 1500 SAR? By the way, ofcourse I'm thinking of this option only if that 3rd party will be a descent company and if the cost for repair will be around 1000-2000 SAR.

The 1,500 SAR you've mentioned is called claim charges or member contribution. It comes from the Shariaa compliance concepts. So basically it's 'Takaful'; not insurance.

About the case you've mentioned. Say someone has 100% fault in an accident causing damages to you. He has to cover it via his third party policy. No matter it's 1,000 SAR or 1,000,000 SAR; it's Tawuniya's job to handle his insurance company to do it. They are in a business network where mutual co-operation is the key. So, being good or bad company doesn't matter. Interesting stuff: You don't have to pay a penny and 1,500 won't apply on you in such a case.

However in accidents where you have a %age part in fault, you'll have to pay the claim charges but that will be the only part you'll pay for your damages and/or other side's damages.

Hope this explains :)

Yes it has been much more clear for me right now, thank you.
But again, just something that I've heard of... Incase of an accident as an expat, you'll almost always be faulty with a higher percentage even if you don't have any fault...

So, let's hope nothing happens...

Not always X-Gen. In my last 3 minor accidents, Najam/Murror has correctly determined the fault %ages.

Yeah, let's hope so and safe driving!

Surely I'll try to drive safely, and inchallah not get involved in any accident.

Thanks for all the help and info again...

Dear all,
I would like to get information about insurance.
I had an accident few weeks ago. My car( on installments from Saudi Fransi Bank) has comprehensive insurance while the other person did not have insurance.
The percentage was I was held responsible for 25%?
The guy who was not insured was responsible for 75%.
following the instructions of muroor the guy paid me the amount according to his fault.
I have submitted the claim yesterday and paid the amount to insurance policy that was given to me by the second guy.
The status of my car is irreparable total loss.
I need to know what is going to happen next?
Is the insurance company going to provide a new car?
My insurance company is Alianz.

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