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Looking for nice areas to live near Milan

Hello everybody,

my name is Tanja and I will be moving to Milan in July to start working for the Italian branch of my Company.

Right now I am trying to find suitable areas to look for housing. The Company is located in the North-east of Milan and I am currently trying to find out more about the areas Pero, Rho, Settimo Milanese, Bollate, Baranzate and Vanzago (about 16km away from the Company).

Also it would be interesting to me to learn about the traffic Situation and if it's recommendable to drive from a smaller town like Vanzago to Milan or if it takes forever.

Any hints and tipps are highly welcome :-)

Thank you


Hello Tanja.

Welcome to! :)


Dear Tanja,
I can suggest you to live in the city near any connection with the "metro" or "Trenord" that can bring you in every locate around the city. For expat people maybe it's better. In particular you can get the train in Milano Cadorna Station and arrive to Vanzago without problem and live in Milan where you can find more people who can speak english
If you need more info let me know:)
Good luck

Hi Tanja
Did you move to Milan?. I am also looking at the Baranzate or Bollate areas but not sure. Any advice?

Hi Sue (sorry from your nickname I can't really tell what's your first name ;) )

yes I moved to Milano. However chose to live near my company in Milano (I live about 25 minutes from the city center by tram). I looked at various appartments in and around Milano and could not really imagine living in Bollate as the connection to trains etc. is quite bad. (The appartment was very far from the trainstation). My Milanese colleagues told me not to live in Baranzate as the area isn't really nice (I have never been there so I don't know). If you prefer to stay outside of Milano I would suggest to have a look at Saronno. A friend of mine lives there and it only takes him like 25 minutes to the city center by train. But it also depends on where you will be working and if you prefer to go by train or by car.

If you have any further questions don't hestitate and contact me :-)


Many thanks for the quick reply. I am going to be working in Baranzate at the new school they have built there. I too have looked at Bollate .... bus to Baranzate takes 10 minutes but I don't like the look of Bollate on google maps. I am now looking at Arese...... but I am so confused. Any help greatly appreciated


Hello Sue,

Arese is quite nice, I also looked at an appartment there. As I was told it is quite an international town (some expats etc. live there) and they do have an active international community (I don't know what they do, I was just told that they do something). Very family-friendly city. There is no train connection so you'd either have to go by bus or by car to Baranzate (I am not quite sure if Baranzate has a train station). Bollate is actually quite nice, to me it was just not the right town because it was far from where I work. There are however some bad areas that don't look to good. I drove from the trainstation Bollate Centro to one appartment located in the southwest of Bollate (I think the street was called via montrasi) and it looked actually quite nice there. Very peaceful, lots of green, great parking situation! Also there were some streets in the center that looked really nice. Do you have a car or do you have to take public transportation? Have you also considered living in Baranzate?

Hi all,

We are seeking a place to live near Milan as well; our children may well go to the International School--any thoughts on towns in the area that are family friendly, fun, and (relatively) easy access to the city?

How did your transitions go; now that you're there, any advice would be much appreciated :)

Thank you in advance!

i live in Milan since 1982.
tanja, u said ur company is located in the north east, so why are u looking for in the Rho area thats in the north west????

Hi Tanja,

Do you have any real esate agent to recommend.
I am relocating this week and need to find a place in 2-3 weeks before I start to work.

Any tip is highly appreciated!
Thanks a lot!


Hi Jones,

Have you find school for your kids? May I know which one? I will be in Milan soon and need to find suitable International School for my kid age 13 and 7yrs.

Which one is better; American School or International School of Milan?


Hello everyone

I know this is an old thread but it seems to match the same questions I have. Any recommendations for nice areas for families within easy reach of Baranzate? We have briefly looked at Arese, Monza, San Siro, Fiera Milano. Not really seen any accommodation, just looked at the areas. Maybe you also have other suggestions?
Many thanks :))

Hi to all!
I am italian, from the area you are talking about (it is a long story why I am here). So? It is not nice to say, but Bollate and Baranzate are not very... Beautiful (my opinion). Arese is very nice, but quite expensive, like Monza, which is a city with a wonderful park (I think one of the biggest in Europe) and all the services. Sincerly, these are all towns near north Milan, but you have to consider that in the busy hours if you move by car... It is a chaos! For example I live in Brianza (an area with a lot of nature) which is midway between Milan and Como. There is a "little sort" of highway to Milan. Without traffic I could arrive inMilan in twenty minutes. With traffic... An hour and more! Different matter if you go by train. Towns with Trenord is better, so you will arrive in Cadorna and then subway. It depends upon where you work in Milan. Good luck!

Dear Alessia
Many thanks for your reply!
I will look into it. Arese is for me the best option because it is the closest to the school (Baranzate) and is a nice place to live. I will look at towns with the Trenord as well to keep all the options open!
Many thanks :)

Good choice... Hugs :)

By the way, can anyone recommend a reliable Letting Agency?

My advice is to visit the website You can choose the area, the price, the type of house. They are all letting agencies and there are a lot of them here! Remember that here in Italy usually they rent for long time in this area (usually 4 years plus 4), so choose wisely :).
A single house is very expensive, but I hope you can rent one. Like elsewhere in the world, but maybe here a little more :), there are sometimes problems with neighbours, due to noise. Less families is better if you are a quiet person. Here in Italy the law that guarantees a certain level of soundproofing is dated 1998. So my advice is to look at houses made after that year (but they started to do smaller rooms), or there are houses of the '80s with bigger spaces. If you choose Arese there are a lot of nice but not cheap single houses. Good luck.

Good advice thanks! I am already using the Idealista and Immobiliare apps but I thought it would be good to have direct contact with an agency. I guess everything is online now....
Great tip about the noise! Thank you so much :)


Ps here there literally thousands of court cases between neighbours, so it is important to think about it. you can not solve easily if you have noisy neighbours here.

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