Qualified Female English and Portuguese Teacher/Private Tutor


My name is Marli. I have just moved to Jeddah to be with my husband who is employed as an English lecturer here.

I have been living in the UK for the past 10 years. I am originally from Brasil. I am degree level educated Portuguese Teacher with a TEFL qualification to also teach English. I have dual citizenship Brasil and UK.

I am looking to begin work as an English or Portuguese tutor for females in Jeddah.


Hi Marli, you are wellcome in Jeddah.

Hello Beijos.

Welcome to! :)

Do not hesitate to post an advert in the Jobs in Jeddah section.

Thank you,

Hi Marli!

I am looking for a Portuguese teacher. I live in jeddah, if you are interested to give me lessons please let me know!


Hi  Serene,

I have sent to you a private message.

Have a nice day.


Oi Marli,

i've stayed in brasil for more than 5 months and i caught a lot of words and sentences. i just came from there two months ago, im excited to learn more - specially that i'm planing to live there for a year or two - i have some friends that i can practice with. However its totally different. so im looking to some courses, private lessons or even some materials to use.

as you notice we have a huge lack of language books.

Muito obrigado e bem vendo a jeddah :D

Almashael English Language Centre for ladies has vacancy for English Language teacher. If interested ,please send an SMS to
Thank you.

karmah hamza :

Almashael English Language Centre for ladies has vacancy for English Language teacher. If interested ,please send an SMS to
Thank you.


Post this in the classifieds where it will be more visible.

Good luck!

Hi Marli,
I'm Portuguese and my kids and wife are coming to KSA in the end of August. I'm looking for a English teacher for my kids. I have a daughter with 10 years old and a boy with 8 years. My aim is that they learn English the first year so that they can go to the international american school next year. If you are interested please get in touch with me: bdonascimento[at], call me to 0538347085 or send an e-mail to my wife vera.campino[at]
By the way I'm a Marine Biologist and I'm working in Fakieh aquarium in Jeddah.
Hope to ear from you soon.
Best Regards

Hello Bernardo -> You should also consider post an advert in the Classes section (Language classes) in the Jeddah classifieds. ;)

Thank you,

Hi Merli welcome in Jeddah KSA ,

i am very interested to learn Portuguese, have been searching for someone to teach me for the past 2 years.
can you help?
thank you
best regards

Hello moejundi.

Welcome to :)

You may post an advert in the Language classes in Jeddah section. It might help.


Karen :)

Hi Marli,

Will you make exception for a male student with references?



Hi Reginald,

I had sent you a private message.

Thank you,


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Hello, Marli.

I'm looking for an English tutor for my wife. Please send me a message with some details if you are interested. Thanks.

Hi rookie84,

I suggest you to have a look to the Language classes in Jeddah section please and you may, of course, create an ad there too. :)

Good luck,

Priscilla team

Hi Marli,
I'm looking for a private tutor for my kids "to teach them Portuguese"
I live in Jeddah ...please let me know if you can help!


my name ahmed
I was in brazil for tow months I know something in  Brazilian Portuguese but I wont learn more I will live there
I am looking for Brazilian Portuguese in Jeddah but I wont to know the cost of the lessons

Hi Marli

Welcome to Jeddah, Hope you enjoy it,

no comments for us as Males

Best regards

Hi Marli,

My husband and I went to Brazil last December 2014 and we both fell in love with the place..And we are planning to come back again this would be a great advantage if we can learn portuguese to breakdown the language barrier that we experienced with our last trip..I hope you can try to communicate with me because we would love to learn Portuguese..we are hoping for your fast and positive response..thank you so much..please reach me through my email address xxx thank you and I hope all is well with you and your family..


Hello Marli,
I am Orthodontist Doctor M. Husini, I was studying and working in France - Bordeaux. I moved to Jeddah since 4 years.
I am interested to learn Portuguese myself with my wife. Could you please give us lessons?

Best Regards.

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@ Dr Ortho > Please note that Marli didn't showed up since last year, therefore if you are still looking for a portuguese teacher i will advise you to post an ad in the Language classes in Jeddah section.


Priscilla  :cheers:

Ola marli,
I want to learn Portuguese language ,I'm planning to go in Brazil.can u email ur reply so I can call u.
muito obrigada seniorita

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Hi rolandoLan,

Welcome on board :)

Take your time to read all the posts on the thread here pls before posting :/

Priscilla :

@ Dr Ortho > Please note that Marli didn't showed up since last year, therefore if you are still looking for a portuguese teacher i will advise you to post an ad in the Language classes in Jeddah section.


Priscilla  :cheers:



In fact me and my wife are searching for Portuguese teacher, so can you contact me please: ********.com



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I am in Jeddah, me and my wife need Portuguese teacher . can you help us ?

best regards

Hi Marli,

are you still giving the English class or you quit


welcome to jeddah, I do love Brazilian when I met them in UK.

Hello Marli,

Your post since 2013. I wonder if you still in Jeddah.
Im looking for portougese teacher for my kids and myself.

We are from Jordan so we can speak Arabic and English very well. We are interested to learn portougese. We have been in Brazil during Olympic this year.

Please let me know

Ali Darwish

Olá amarli!

Tudo bem?

Já morei em Jeddah. Agora, estou no Brasil. Tenho um casal de amigos que querem vir pra Brasil, e querem aprender Português. Você poderia dar aulas para a esposa dele? Posso colocar você em contato com ela?



Hi Everyone,

@ Rodolfo, it will be better if you drop an advert in the Language classes in Jeddah or browse through the existing adverts. The initiator's post is from 2013, you won't probably have any update.

P.S, please post only in english on the anglophone forum.

All the best,

Hi Mari, you are welcome in Jeddah

Me and my family are interested in studying Brazilian Portuguese
Is it possible this

hi , i have two boys in grade 3 and grad 4 GIS SCHOOL i am looking for native teacher english for improving conversation skills to my sons

please your contact no   my sons starts school .

where are you i want english lessons for my sons

Hi Marlie and hope you are well.
I was seeking online for teacher available in Saudi Arabia teach Brazilian Portuguese and i have found your article which i believe is old..
I am wondering if you are still in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as i am looking to learn with my wife a Brazilian Portuguese as we are in process to move to Brazil by end of this year 2017.
Appreciated and looking forward for your update reply ,, and if not, appreciated to guide me if you know anyone lives in Saudi teach Portuguese.
Thank you and happy new year.

Are you still teaching??
Or does anyone here now any Portuguese teacher?

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