Considerations surrounding Brazilian citizenship and naturalization


For those who are coming here for delivering their child and have dependant children before and are traveling with you ....

keep original birth certificates (preferably in english as it can be translated in here easily) of urs and ur child with u all the time(attested from foreign affairs from the country of origin)
ur original marriage certificate (preferably in english as it can be translated in here easily) with u all the time(attested from foreign affairs from the country of origin)
these documents sometimes they ask sometimes they dont .....
keep photographs with you as ......  3x4 size
making passport copies will be of no use since there wont be stamp of u exiting ur country and entering brazil get it done here ... its cheap here .... 0.25 pr page ..... 
since they ask for financail support try bringing bank statement for the past 6 months with you and make photocopies as well .... bring title deed of any property u have ... try bringing original .... though they dont keep it but they do check every original whose copy is attache ....
all the best


Hi Hashem,

Thank you for your information, great information.

James :

Military service is obligatory so while it may not effect you, if you have any Brazilian born child they will be obligated to serve in the military upon reaching 18 years of age.

Hi James, regarding the above what exactly are the implications for someone that naturalizes as a Brazilian? Up till what age is military service mandatory? I've heard most people get exempted? Can you elaborate on this subject?



As far as I know military service is compulsory at the age of 18 and all Brazilian males are required to enlist. Following that there is a general selection process and most are dispensed base on excess contingent. Those dispensed automatically become reservists in the Armed Forces and receive "Certificado de Dispensa", without which they cannot be issued a passport, enroll in a Federal University or obtain public sector jobs. I do know that you are correct, many people get exempted, mostly because they are getting their education. Military service for females remains voluntary.

James Experts Team

Hi Hashem,

i have applied for visa they called me two days later and asked me if my wife is pregnant, they also request a letter from doctor state that she is on what week on pregnancy, also they asked if I would like to deliver baby in Brazil.

Is this the same happened with you once you have applied for visa ?

Awaiting for your answer, Regards.

Strange, they did not ask to me even i apply 2 times visa with my family.

hi ramen
well nothing as such as nasir replied
what happened then after they asked .?

They asked either she is pregnant or not ? I said yes.

If she is pregnant or not we require medical certificate stating that she is in good health. (She said)

Also, they asked do you want to deliver your baby in brazil? My answer was no.

What is the week of the the pregnancy? I said almost 7 month.

Well i will give them the letter and will update you.


hope they give the visas .... all the best ...

hi to all
i got my and my family CIE card yesterday . i was checking online and it got updated day before yesterday so tried my luck of going to policia federal and ask for the card (i didn't receive any email from them ) and fortunately i got it .... (in 45 day after applying  my permanency) .... i even got my passport stamp with permanency which the agent on the first day didn't . thanks to one of my friend who speaks good Spanish and manageable Portuguese... literally he convinced the girl on the counter about the card arrival and the stamp on the passport. and thanks to another friend who took care of everything the day i applied for visas .... above all thanks to James whose suggestions and informations help million people on the blog .
thank you

Here you go, All the best Hashem.

Hello James.
Can you help with this  explanation as I believed that you have done or know someone who had done the same process and  procedure for naturalization in Brazil;

Unidade                  Descrição
DIPROT                 Conclusão do processo na unidade


I applied for RNE and got the number. However, still waiting for the Card. Would i be able to travel out of Brazil and back again?

Yes you can. You should notify PF when you leave and how long. In case they need to contact you.


You can travel in and out using your Protocolo however the usual time limit they give for you to stay outside of the country on the Protocolo is 59 days.

Once you have your CIE (the actual ID card) you must enter the country once within every 24 months in order to keep the CIE active.



Hello Mr. James hello every one

I have permanent residency from born child and would like to obtain residency for the rest of my children.

The mom is legally divoreced long time ago. What procedures would be in this case to have residency for my kids ??

Highly appreciate your assistance

Hi ziadsor
Kindly explain what do u mean by "mom is legally divorced "



Their mother is legally divorced and no longer live together. I got married again and need to obtain residency for my children. What are the procedures in this case?

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