Just arrived in Taicang


Does anyone lives in Taicang?


Hello Cinzia.

Welcome to! :)

Can you please introduce yourself?

Thank you,

Yes, we do...welcome to the wild east! ;-)

Yeah. I don't live there, but I work there.

Hello, I just come to Taicang to work and live here too, would you like explore the city with me..I'm a funny and lovely Chinese girl....

Well, I lived in Kunshan which is really close.  Taicang is quite remote although it is near shanghai...

Hi !
I'm in Taicang since april!
I'm also trying to meet people I can talk to !
If you want to meet and have a drink I'm ok !

Nice to meet you, I work in a German company in Taicang now, just arrived here for one month, how are you, where are you now? Do you have wechat ? Haha... How I contact you?

hello friends !
I am Location in Taicang from January 2014 or bit earlier. i would love meet and make friendships regardless nationalities.
i want ask if is it realynice to be in taicang? are there many foreigners live in Taicang?
Please add my  E-Mail 

hi!!. not yet but soon i will be locating in taicang. i coming from Austria for a german ompany Ebner in Taicang.
are you in Taicang? I am curious about taicang :-))

Hi Janice. I also will be locating in taicang soon. i am moving from Austria. i will be working for German Company. Ebner.
can we contact with emails. i would be happy to meet People from different nationalites in taicang to get together.
my flat is already ready in taicang. i am very curious how ist be in in China and in taicang as well:))
please mail me

Hi there, I am planing on moving to Taicang in April and would really enjoy a chat with someone already living there.

Spanish living in Taicang? would you mind to give me vuestro correo? :-)

Just arrived I in Taicang looking for Spanish speakers send your email.

Ese es mi correo vivo aquí en Taicang

Hola, yo trabajo en Taicang, aqui te dejo mi correo:

llemolandi :

Hola, yo trabajo en Taicang, aqui te dejo mi correo:

As this is an English speaking forum could you please post in ENGLISH only.
Thank you

Sorry, I was saying that I work in Taicang

i am living in Taicang,would like to find someonce to explore the city.

I live in Taican too don't have much time to explore. But be glad to help if I can. Y yo tambiem habla español aqui esta me correo. ( e mail )

Hi all  :)

Just found this forum, I am from England and have lived in Taicang for a year now...

Been working in China for 3 years living in Shanghai until I moved to Taicang, be good to meet anyone for a wander/explore and work has taken up all my free time, apart from fishing at weekends  :top:



That said, I'm considering moving to Taicang. Any want still around? My job offers give me only 1,500rmb for housing is this enough? What about 10,000 rmb  a month for 40 hours of work in a training school? how much do you guys  kind of use a month on normal expenses? I'm more interested on general budget .

Thanks in advance


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Are you still in Taicang?

Hi all

I am here at taicang for one month
Alone it is very boring. I want meet people to do something funny or intressting

Have a nice day

Does anyone live in taicang. I might be moving to taicang in the nearest future with my wife


Anyone out there two have some fun in taicang

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