Montessori school - Any Feedback from parents?

Hello there - I am hoping to get as much feed back from parents living in Mauritius as possible.  I am a Montessori School teacher (Kindergarten 3-6 years) and I am looking to open a Montessori Kindergarten abroad.  Research has shown that there seems to be a need for schools on Mauritius and I would like to know if a Montessori method of education would be something parents in Mauritius would consider (as I know at present there isn't one).  I would really appreciate hearing your views on this.

Hello,  I am not sure if I can really answer your question 100% but I would like to have some input which perhaps could help.

It is not really true that there is a need for schools in Mauritius but I agree we do lack many things in our education system in Mauritius which focus more on academics. 

Education is free in Mauritius and the government schools have a very good standard.  Therefore, most people send their children to government schools as they get good education and no fees need to be paid.  But we do have few private schools where perhaps 10% of the population and expatriates children go to.   Most Kindergarten schools however are not free in Mauritius, therefore there are many of these.  As I understand Montessori education is mainly applied to children of 3-6 yrs, so I wouldn't deny the fact that it could be interesting to parents as they have to pay for Kindergarten.

But I think more important is to do some outreach on the school as I am 100% sure most people in Mauritius do not even know about Montessori teaching.

I saw this on the Internet, maybe you can contact them if you haven't done so.

Best of luck.

Thanks for taking the time to give some advice it is greatly appreciated.


I am interested in hearing what sort of feedback you had with regard to the Montessori schools in Mauritius



hi,My daughter go to a montesorri school at beau-vallon and i;m planning to open one montessori school if you are interested to invest please contact me:JEAN MARC HERBERT ETIENNE (++++)

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there is a montessori school in Black River - La Case de Bambin. (230) 483 8812

isn't Little Judy in Mahébourg a Montesory school?

Hi somebody can help me in mentioning me all the Montessori schools in mauritius.
I live at Beau-Bassin, it will be Great if a Montessori school was somehow a bit near my place.
Please help me thank you.

A school named "montessori" already exist in belle mare village or nearby belle mare. My niece goes to that school, she is nearly 4 years old.

I am also looking for one near Quatre Bornes...

Is there one??


I recently moved to Mauritius (four months ago) and my son who is four years old is in a French school.  I would like however to place him in the Montessori system if there is a school located near by, in the Tamarin area.  If anyone can provide the names of Montessori schools on the island, I would greatly appreciate your help. 

Thank you!
Sara :-)

it's a good idea. Tell me if you 'll open a montessori school in Beau Bassin.

Hello there..i am in search of a montessori medium pre primary school for my two and a half daughter in the region of phoenix/mesnil/castel..thx id really appreciate your help


I'm also interested in a Montessori school for 2 kids (5 and 7) in the Quatre Bornes area.


cyb :


I'm also interested in a Montessori school for 2 kids (5 and 7) in the Quatre Bornes area.


Hello cyb

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What do you wish to know about Montessori school please?


This thread has been inactive since 2014 but education does not expire after 1 month.

I'm deeply interested in the Montessori education and I'm thinking about putting my kids into one of them.

What are the options available in Mauritius?

Is there a list of schools available?

What's the closest from Quatre Bornes?

Can I visit?


Hi ! Heard about a new pre primary school in Quatre Bornes called KidsCool . Phone 59171221 or on Facebook also .

Is it a Montessori school?

I think so !

Thanks. I'll call tomorrow

Hi "cyb", my name is Susan, I am a University Lecturer as well as a high school teacher currently doing Montessori training. My husband, an expat, and I, currently residing in South Africa, are considering a move to Mauritius. I was, like another person on this thread, considering looking for a Montessori teaching position, or failing that, opening a Montessori School in Mauritius. Curious to know whether you have made any progress on finding a school for your children. I am not sure what restrictions govern non-citizens opening businesses in Mauritius, but when I am finished my training I will visit Mauritius personally to establish this. From long experience I know that personal visits deliver better results. Drop us a line if you have a moment, if you wish to talk privately my email is susanbmaritz[at]

its good... my nephew was there

a school here in flic en flac write on fb and in their website  they are Montessori school but when i asked x the certificate and qualification one teacher has this qualification they use to cheat people writing it and many people leave their children believing in what they just write!so hope you can gave a big chance in mauritius. here doesn't know what is the real montessori school.

Hi cyb

any luck with the school?

Hello there, I'm interested. Please open good clean one in Tamarin or Black River. All of them that I saw was too dirty also too many kids in one class. Teachers or assistances were not paying enough attention to the kids.

Hi friends!
There is one in quatre bornes it's KidsCool. I have been there its made according to the needs of kids. They are doing play based education and providing more opportunities to the kids to discover themselves. It's ii n French and English both. They are new with lot of innovative and different techniques. I hope you will like it. They also have Facebook page.
Have a nice day

Coming into this conversation late, but same question:  Are there any established Montessori schools?  We're probably going to settle in the North - around Mid-July.  My spouse is also a trained Montessori teacher - and we may be interested in throwing our name into the hat if it came to starting a home grown school.  Anyone with updates?

Hello everybody,
We are going to open Montessori kindergarten in Tamarin area. We are looking for Montessori teacher 0-3, 3-6 ( English/French speaking). We will be happy to speak with person, who thinking the same way as Montessori system provide and who loves children very much.

Hello, if you still interesting in Montessori school in Mauritius, we are ready to talk to you.
Me and my husband are going to open Montessori kindergarten in Tamarin region in the end of 2016. Please contact me nerve or by my email: kalipso-06[at]

Hello, if you still interesting in Montessori school in Mauritius, we are ready to talk to you.
Me and my husband are going to open Montessori kindergarten in Tamarin region in the end of 2016. Please contact me nerve or by my email: ***

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I'm a teacher at Primary level and also mother of 2 kids...5 and 1 years old. Actually i'm looking for a Montessori pre-primary for my little boy...but the only one i found is too far Surinam. You're welcome!!!!

i saw your note and would like to know if you already open your  montessori school in mauritius?
im in mauritius and searching for my child a real english school in mauritius at affordable price

Hi , there is a school in Quatre Bornes. You can call n visit 59171221.


someone mentioned to me there is a new montessori school in Trou aux Biches. Would anyone happen to know more and how to contact?


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