Al Bustan Village Compound

Hi everyone,

we are moving to Riyadh this summer and while I was doing some reseach I found Al Bustan Village. As we are not in the country at the moment, can anyone give me some advice on this compound?
It gets its first tendans as of May but are the community areas and nursery already open...??

If anyone knows anything about it, pleas let me know. It looks really nice but you can see only pictures online, no photos ao I'm a bit worried...

Thanks so much!

I am coming for a job in KSA. I have been told that is where I will be living. Please tell me how it is it looks wonderful!


You are welcome in Riyadh, it is a wonderful new compound

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a brand new residential community north of Riyadh & One of the biggest and most modern expat compound in Riyadh.

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