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Can anyone advise if how long will it take to process a PNG working visa?


If you get work permit already it will take 3/4 weeks for the working visa.

Thank you for prompt responde. So u need to acquire first for Work Permit. Sorry I'm not much aware. How long will it take to have a work permit?



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I would assume by this time you are in PNG.

Where in PNG are you located?

I am from Cebu as well.

Let me know if I can be of help.

The Embassy has designated and accredited clinics for Medical Exams.  You have 2-3 choices but I don't think you can choose on your own.


Good morning Alvinygona,
Can you give us a list of Accredited Medical/Diagnostics Centers in Cebu, so that our kababayans(countrymen) can take it there, all I know is in Manila Safeway Diagnostics Center.


Hi Jackhammer,

I suggest you to create a new topic on the Philippines forum, this might be helpful.

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1.Visa application is lodged at PNGICS
2.VARN issued on day of lodgement
3.Visa process takes place & within the 15 working days it gets approved and transmitted to Mission.Then you are advised by your agent that Visa is transmitted/check missions. Visa is already sitting in the PNG Consulate/mission.
4.Applicant than goes to the mission once advise to lodge passport with all required documents and process takes up to 3-4 working days in Australia for visa to be stamp into passport.
Example: Manila – 5 working days, USA – 3-4 working days etc.
5.Fee – K550.00

Hi Eryl,

The normal processing time for a Work Permit is also 3/4 weeks.


The agency where in I applied told us that our visa was released. I have a doubt if it is the visa already or it is the working permit, since its already 1 week and we haven't receive the visa.. And I also got worried since we already render our resignation letter.
Can anyone clarify how will I know if its working permit or working visa that was been approved/released.

Thank you,

how long it takes to process Working permit, VISA for PNG employment? anyone can share some lines?

Anywhere from 4 weeks to 4 months.
All depends on how many visas are being processed when yours is submitted and whether it is in a priority queue.

thank you guys, for all who send a response in my queries before. all my documents was processed for 4months. its been a while but worth it. Hoping to meet u all one day.

Hi Eryl,
    I signed by Work Permit papers 3 months back and still it's in progress. My questions are

(a) How can I know at what status is my Work Permit currently ?
(b) Is there any indirect ways to contact the DLIR to know the status of my Work Permit ? Because my employer always says it is progress.

Please let me know.


Good day to all specially to all cebuanos working in PNG i just want to ask if what is the accredited medical clinic here in Cebu for png embassy.

hoping for your reply. thank you.

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thank you

In PNG, Work Permit takes 10 working days if all requirements for the applications are met. Once new work permit is issued, the visa application is the next process and it takes about the same time - 10 working days however as a Long time Immigration / work permit service provider, I get my applications processed within a month. That is for both work permit and visa. With Filipinos, the employment contract needs to ne authenticated and couired back to the applicant to collect his PNG work visa from the PNG consulate in Manila.  I have done for hundreds of Filipinos coming to work in PNG and Resource sector employees.  I also provide assistance to new business set up in PNG and am very transparent and efficient.



Planning to establish or set up a new business or company in POM, what are the requirements and how can we process the working visa?

Please drop me an email at ***

Thank you

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Hello everyone,

@burntorange, Welcome to

You will find all these information on this page :

Good luck


Email me for PNG visa and work permit process.


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Good day,
I am from Ghana in west Africa, i will like to work in PNG, please how can you help me to get working permit.
I will be waiting for your answer.
Thank you
yours truly,

Once you have an employment opportunity in PNG, we can work with your employer to secure your employment permit and visa.


The processing of working visa renewal now in PNG is very slow. My visa already 2 months but until now not yet release.

If you need assistance I can help. I have service fees but will be paid upon completion of visa application  :  email  ***

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Can u provide work permit for PNG ,tell me the docs and expenses or I have to cum in PNG on entry permit than could get work permit

Email me: ***

i hope it takes 15 to 20 days after completing all documents and depend on which country u oregin


May i ask if working permit and visa can be process in the same time? who will apply for it? is it the employer or it could be me!? May i ask the requirements needed?

Thank you

The employer applies for it.

please. Am sorry if this is not the right place to post my enquiry please. Am a Nigerian who want to travel to Fiji and already have a person who have helped me in securing job.but what is doubting there is I dont know if there is opportunity for Nigerian to enter the country and any Fijian here?

i had an operation on my leg when i was 9 days new born. would it cause any problem and i got physical disability certificate from doctor but I can do my work on my own without anyone help. Its for PNG job

hello sir
good evening
I am Ashok
Looking for a job. Currently I am a lecturer
Please guide me what are the educational documents (Convocations, Mark sheet) I have to produce. In case of proficiency in English if I submit a letter from university would it be considered. I got it in 2016. Secondly, I have done a minor surgery on my leg and obtained physical disability certificate from Indian government will it be a problem for obtaining visa and work permit.
please guide me

What is the latest on duration for PNG visa

What is the current length of time to apply and get a PNG visa?


Can take from 1 month to 3 months

Thank you

Hi Pandora,

My company is planning to do mining work in Lae next year.

What assistance can we get from you (visa, permit etc.) and the fees that you charge



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