missing relatives called Gonzáles

Hola, my name is David and I live in Santa Cruz Tenerife, I have been asked by a local shop owner if I could help him find some members of his family he has lost contact with he last heard  they lived in Perth W A but that is all he knows. My friend´s name is Daniel González González and he is looking for the following people his sister in law Rosemary or Rosemarie González and his nephews and nieces who are called Anamary or Anamarie ,Stephanie, Alexander, Daniel, Michael and Vida González although the girls surnames may have changed if they have married. I would be very gratefull if any body could pass any information on to me regarding their whereabouts

Many thanks

Perhaps look online for the Perth white pages telephone directory to see if they are in there.

Many thanks , i´ll look that up

Hello, not sure if your still looking for these people, but i have just stumbled accross this. Rosemary gonzalez was my grandmother. Stephanie my mother and the others my uncles and aunties. If this does reach you and you would like some further info email me **

Thank You

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Hey how exciting. I hope you find each other!

Hello, I am also looking for Daniel Gonzalez who arrived in Australia in the 1960s and was from Tenerife, Canary Islands. He would now be in his 70s. Is there a possibility we are looking for the same family?

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