Looking for contacts and job in the equestrian sector


my name is Henna, I am a 25 year old student of Business and Public Administration in Germany and plan to move to Azerbaijan.

I am looking for contacts to the equestrian sports and business sector since I want to work as a professional riding instructor and horse trainer. I am specialized in systematic classical dressage training and have ten years of experience in breeding Hannoverian horses, preparation for competitions and auctions (Elite Horse Auction Verden, Germany), training young horses of different breeds (also stallions) in hand and under saddle as well as working with riders of various age, experience and background. In addition, I am also interested in the business side of the branch (investment, sponsoring) and would like to help promote dressage as a competition discipline in Azerbaijan.

I have worked with internationally renown trainers and attend seminars and courses on a regular basis in order to further shape my riding and teaching skills. My work experience also covers a 5 year activity of teaching and training horses as a freelance in order to finance my studying.

My language skills include German (native speaker) English (very fluent spoken and written), Spanish  (intermediate) and Azerbaijani (beginner).

Anyone who can provide me with contacts to the horse sport sector in Azerbaijan is most welcome to contact me. :)

Thank you for reading, warm regards

Hello Henna.

Welcome to Expat.com! :)

You could post an advert in the Jobs in Baku section.

You can also consider posting an advert in the Looking for section (Business partners) in the Baku classifieds. It shall help.

Hope other members will provide some useful informations as well.

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There is an hippodrome in Baku. You can search for it in google maps by typing "Hippodrome, Baku, Azerbaijan".
Currently there are 4 clubs operating there:  "Canai", "G?nay", "Aqat-A" and "Ramanı". I am not sure if any of them need instructor and what would salary be, but you can search for them

Specificly for G?nay club you can go to gunayequestrian.com/lang,en/

I am not good in this area, but let me know if you need something more and I will try to find out :)


Good Evening

I hsve just read your request on Expat.com. We moved to Baku in January and my horse mad daughter's are keen to ride here. I was wondering if you could possibly teach the girls? They both attend UK pony club.

Your profession is new for Azerbaijan.
That is why i think Azerbaijan need professional trainer ..

You may ask from following adress.
Azerbaijan eguestrian centre

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