sadara supervisor salary and benefits package

Thanks a lot. Are you in Toronto or already working in Jubail???  If I need any more information can I take the liberty to contact you??? Appreciate your reply and help


Yes i am from Toronto joined Sadara in May 2014 yes for sure you can contact me for more information.

1) Is there any international schools that offer IB curriculum anywhere in Jubail or nearby?

2) Is Dammam a city worth travelling to during weekends if a person works/lives in Jubail?

3) How is Dammam or al Khobar compared to Doha of Qatar? Same or way behind Doha or more modern/advance than Doha?

4) How does it feel living within a gated residence? Does it not feel like a prison?

I have lived more than 11 years in Qatar and UAE.


frazzla :

hi all,

been offered a job at sadara as gc 14 general supervisor ii based in jubail and was wondering if i could pick your collective brains to make sense of this offer.  i'd love to move back to the middle east with my wife and child but not encouraged by the numbers or their recruitment team.  it took them 4 months to send me the offer and it was only 1 page without any t&c's or benefits listed!!

per month its basic 30k + trasnport 2k + housing 7.5k = sar 39.5k
annual bonus of 30k + welcome allowance of 30k (arbitrary numbers??)

1.  is it in line with the us/uk payscale for similar roles?
2.  how much room is there to negotiate do you think?
3.  what's the usual housing allowance in this category?  and how much would i need for a good 3br villa in a good compound?
4.  how much annual leave is the norm?
thank you very much for your time and valued thoughts!!  :cool:

1. Per your grade level of 14, 30k/month is too low with or without 20% Expat fee. I believe you have at least 15 years of experience...right?  You should be asking for base of minimum 35K + 20% Expat fee (if the company offers) if no expat fee ask for 40.5K base salary.
2. Transportation for gc14 is 2k/month and housing allowance is usually 25% of your base pay

3. I really don't know how much a good 3br villa will cost.
4. The Annual leave norm is between 30-38 Calendar days (including weekends) and 11 public holidays.

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