Processing Agencies/Companies which Handle's Work Permit /Visa's

Hi, Looking out for the Processing Agencies/Companies which Handle's Work Permit /Visa's process



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Only immigration can do that course of control on borders not that advance like other countries.

Hi                                                                                                                                                                               i  would like to find out  if some one knows  Processing Agencies / company which  handles  work  permits  / visas in  Tanzanzia and how much does it  cost to get  one    and please  email all  information to xxx                                                                                i will more happier to get more informations  and  i am  a Malawian citizen                                                 regards                                                                                                                                                                     chimwemwe

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it is  your company will do process your work permit , the process is now a little bit strict that's why be sure to have your complete documents in your hand (Original Documents).For temporary permit valid for 6 months worth usd 500 and for two years is usd 2,000 plus processing fee.

Hi Chetan.
You can get in touch with me to help you processing work permits or company registration or any other immigration related jobs.
At the moment no more issuing temporary work permits from labour office. The two year work permit can cost you upto $4000.

@ salmanali878 > Are you an agent please?

Do note that chetan has created this thread back in 2013, therefore this thread is quite old.



Oh sorry I didn't notice the date....
I'm not an agent but I could refer him a guy who processed my permit, if needed.

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