I'm looking for friends who speak English in SP!

I'm looking for English speakers to practise mine and make friends, help with portuguese and Brazilian Culture...
:D I'm brazilian and I've lived in Belfast for learning English last year and I would like to keep touch with the language.
Please feel free for contact me ;)

Hi lenass,
On behalf of the entire Expat-blog Team, welcome on board. I hope you will make lots of new friends here.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team


My name is Lana. I am British and now live in Sao Paulo and Guaruja. I am finding it really hard to make friends here because the culture and language is so different.

If you would like to meet up sometime please email me on lanamoss[at]

Hi, I am in English guy living in SP, I would be happy to speak english with you and of course practice my portuguese


Hi Tom,
Welcome to the blog. I'm sure you'll make lots of friends here and in São Paulo too.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

Hi I am Supriya from India staying very close to Liberdade metro station. I will be very happy to make friendship with you. I can fluently speak in English but very very weak in Portuguese communication. So to improve my Portuguese I need also ur friendship. You can send me any time an email to supriyamondal.07[at]   ....... 
Best wishes,

Hello Supriya,

I'm pleased to welcome you to the blog on behalf of the entire Expat-blog Team. Have fun and make lots of friends.

William James Woodward - Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

Hi, folks! Interested in learning proper Portuguese?! I'd be glad to help.


Hello vcsvb.

I would suggest you to post an advert on the Language classes in São Paulo section. It might be useful.

Thank you
Karen :)

I am not in Brazil. I live in Cairo, Egypt but hopefully i will pay a visit to Brazil next year. I am looking to meet some people there who can speak English.
Please if you are interested, contact me

i am in Jamaica now,i speak French,English and Spanish fluently. I intend to visit Brazil this year. I would like to meet people who know Portuguese and have knowledge in English,French or Spanish.
So we will be able to share languages and cultures.

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Hello lenass,

I recently moved to Sao Paulo from the USA. I would love to meet up to help you practice your english and in turn help me to practice my portuguese. I understand portuguese well, but my speaking is very weak.

Please feel free to contact me to set up a time to meet: saskiasmeele[at]


I'm Brazilian, working as a real estate broker.
I can speak English, Spanish and French, trying to learn Italian and German now.

Thank you!


i'm lving currenlty in Sao Bernardo do Campo.
and i need to learn Portuguese:-).

i speak Dutch,English, French, Arabic, German ..


i can speak English but no Portugese,but i want to learn.Can we exchange our language and culture?

Joe in SP


i am not a native English speaker but my English is good enough to communicate with you. Acctually i'm from China and i just arrived Sao Paulo last month.So i need to learn your language urgently because i want to live and work here for a few years.
Would you like to be my friend?

from Chongqing,China

Dear all

I am going to move to Sorocaba/SP early September 2013. I speak Italian and English, anybody willing to practise such languages in exchange for some Portuguese?

Skype also considered.

Hello alex8274 and welcome to :)

You may post an advert in the Language Exchange in São Paulo section.

It might help.


Karen :)

Hi Karen

thanks, I will take your suggestion.


Hello,my name is Wayne,I live in Baltimore,md,I think it's slot to the learn about Brazil and maybe you can tell me about the country


how are doing?
I am from china and live in bela cintra. I find difficult to learn to speak your language,would like to change language with me,and friendship as well?

From Chongqing,China. are you..? :) i hope you're doin love to make friends with you, maybe its because i wanna learn something too about brazil because it is my dream to visit or stay in brazil one day..Im from Philippines, 29 years old, born christian, a nursing grAduate, what else heheh, eldest in the family and i only have a brother. So tell me something about you..Take care and Godbless :)

hi, I will live in sao paulo during 4 months, and I'm from Belgium, you can speak english with me, but I need to reply in Portuguese as I need to study this :-) Hope we find some time to go for a coffee, regards, Kelly

I would be glad to help in any way I can. I am an American with a Brazillian girlfriend, will be in Rio for the Christmas and New Year......Allen

Hi Allen,

On behalf of the entire Expat-blog Team, welcome on board. I'm sure you'll make lots of new friends here.

Great "handle" pleadnthe5th... but does it mean you're exercising your rights under the Fifth Amendment or that you're begging for a fifth of whiskey??? If is't the latter, count me in.  Cheers,
  William James Woodward – Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

I guess it means both ,,lol, pleasure meeting you! It seems like these days here in America everyone is "pleadnthe5th especially all the crooked politicians. I love Brazil and am working on becoming a dual citizen.....

Hi i can speak good english.

Yuo can add me on my facebook account at saurabh_ajay[at]

Thanks friend, I will......Allen

i am adnan i can speak english very well .i hope you will be made my friend.


Hi again Allen,

If you think the American politicians are bad wait til you see ours, you can take the worst of yours and multiply by 100 then you'll have some idea. LOL

You're the second person that I've met online from Greenville NC. The first was about 15 years ago when I still lived in Vancouver, Canada. Met another teacher online from there who was coming to Vancouver and wanted some tips on places to see, so I told him that I'd meet him and show him around. I ended up having him stay with my wife and I for his three day stay and we really had a great time. Lost contact with him, but that's the way things go. People come and go, but the memories always remain.  Cheers,
  William James Woodward – Brazil Animator, Expat-blog Team

oi amiga,
moro no india, se quer, posso te ajudar inlges.
pd mi ligar no facebook tb.

Hi amit.sh56,

Can you please post in English on the Anglophone Forum so as the other members can understand your message ;)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Hi Maximilan,

I just replied that if anyone want to learn English or Portuguese language, i can help.

Hey there and good morning ! I'm replying in regards of your post. I'm always on the lookout for people to speak with or just hang out with, in English  that is. My Portuguese is not that good, so it struggles, making some friends. Let me tell you about me. I'm a South African, from Cape Town and I have been here for a year and a half, I'm married to a Brazilian. We work quite a bit but, off course like to hang out in all sorts of ways in our free time. We like interesting people ect... I teach English and various other things and my wife within the travel industry. We are very easy going and easy to get along with couple. If you like, pop me a mail and well, lets see ?



Hi Gerrit,

Nice to meet you.

Hi I m Vicky New to Town.
Looking for a Friend Who can speek enlish with and by this i can learn the local language.

any one like to buzz welcome...........


Hello everybody,

Alex, Wayne, Joe, honmarj, Kelly, saurabh87k, Adnan, Amit, Gerrit and Vicky - On behalf of everybody at Expat-blog, welcome on board. I hope you'll all soon have lots of new friends here.

William James Woodward - Brazil & Canada Expert, Expat-blog Team


Im from Sao Bernardo too! Are you still here?
Hello Diego,

Well, what a surprise! It's been too long since your last activity.... WELCOME BACK. It's nice to see you again.

William James Woodward - Brazil & Canada Expert, Expat-blog Team

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