Entering the University in Algeria as a Foreigner

Hello, everyone.

I am writing this post to look to some helps from algerians or foreigners who are studying in Algeria.

Since I really like algeria, i am currently planning to study Arabic and French by staying in algeria(either in the university or in the institute)

But, as per my understanding, it may be impossible to get a visa in algeria only to study languages in the institue, so I am now considering my options to enter the university in algeria to obtain a visa and to study as well.

However, i am not good at arabic(basic level) and french(not at all), so i need to find the university which accepts foreign students who do not speak french and arabic and proceeds with the lessons in English (Yes, i do speak English). When i search the information i need, i cannot find any of them on the internet.

Therefore, I would like to know (1) whether there is a way for foreigners to stay and study languages with the proper visa(not as a worker) in algeria or (2) there is a university that accepts foreigners who only speak English and if any, how can I apply for this university?(Please explain well the procedure and documentations required. For your information, i already graduated from the university in my country and if required, i can submit its certificate)

I am really looking forward to useful advice and helps^^

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hi well if you want to learn arabic or french universities in algeria are not that good i dont know about other cities but here in annaba universities dont have programs for foreigners you can only go to private centers to help you like ccf' centre culturel français) which will help you with your french :) but you still can enter any university if you want;and i can help you more just send me any question ..... oh by the way i love korean people :) good luck i am imene anyong :)


Just want to wish you good luck.
I will come back to you if I find an answer.

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Hi Samir Lee just came across your post... Is your situation still the same ? Where about in Algeria are you looking to study?  Did u consider a working visa? Or do you prefer to study..? I know a school in Algiers you can learn Arabic for expatriates but not sure it would be enough for a visa !!!

honest advice from me , Algeria as a state  doesn't provide any good university to meet your needs , if i were you i'd go to Egypt or Syria,,i know a lot of authors and famous people who learn Arabic there,,some Chinese   and English  ,American , French people , i am being honest with you here , there's other solution is to find someone who's ready to teach you learning Arabic ,,,Universities here do not even use Arabic properly

Good luck :)

hello there

iam Algerian and iam sorry to read all that replies from forigners about Algeria , i am sure that news and media succed to make Algeria bad place to live in, Actualy Algeria is a nice country but with some conditions here , because of its specific culture , so i advice you to learn moor on web about Algerian culture , and about buisnes is a great open market for all, take china for example they are working and making succes here , the chinese faced a huge problems in the begning but now Algerians get used to them and they are apart from our society and many of Algerians are marring with chinese too .
so for studying here i advice you to  study in Central Unversity of Algiers because it is in the capital and its moor easy for foringer life believe me ^^ or one of the 5 big provinces here Oran Annaba Boumerdas Setif and Canstantine this is the official algerian ensignement website plz visite it

i am so sorry to reply too late but i am so new here and iam trying to help so plz anyone who need help about Algeria just message me it will be a pleasure of mine to help you ^^

hiii Mr Lee i'm soo happy to know that you like our country and want to learn arabic well i know an institution that teaches all languages it's where i'm learning korean in this institution there are chinese and japanese and i think some korean people who are learning arabic and they love.if you're still intrested i'll be more than happy to help you and for the visa i'll ask more about it . :) have a good day

have you find a university or not yet?


so of course you can attend courses at university but you must have at least  baccalaureate degree /diploma ,and as you  master English language ,you can ask for this field  as well as you can follow some french or Arabic courses in the same time in any private school since you are considered as foreign student  . and i do know  some foreign students here Korea,Chines ;and most of them are Africans students and there are a lot of programs as Erasmus  in order to  get a scholarship .and i advice you to ask for Bejaia university it's the best of all  good luck

Is uni degree ( MBBS - Medicine ) fee too much to afford for a foreign student?    Can someone tell how much per moth is required to study medicine in Algeria,  with middle standard living?

i live in oran and i can halp you any time you want

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i will look for information in my university than i will help you as much as i can
good luck

i  really wish the good luck to u my dear friend a  bit diffecult ur  want but not impossible try ...

hi samir i want to ask you ,,  if algeria have a uni speak english not french ?

hello, well in Tlemcen university(algeria), there are a lot of chinese students. They have a special room and the university offers them courses in Arabic language. My master thesis is about international students. and i wanted to interview some chinese students but they refused :( please i want you to tell me what are your push and pull factors(reasons) that made you choose to study arabic in algeria.and are the chinese students supposed to have a scholarship to study in algerian educational institutions.thank you and good luck

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