Electronic music in Mauritius!

Hey guys!
What about electronic music in Mauritius?
How develop electro music in Mau?
I more than a fun of electronic music!
If you are a great fun like me of this kind of music, let share with me everything about it!
Nights, Clubs, Shops, Events and more !
Could be amazing give a contribute to develop the passion for this music here, don't you?
I stay tuned!

Hi Niko

Most music genres are popular in Mauritius and so is electronic music. You will be able to enjoy some good vibes at nightclubs, where foreign DJs are invited to perform alongside local ones.

Sometimes, there are festivals organised by private event companies. I don't have any particular link but it's quite difficult to miss them.

this might help you … 268053799/

Thank you for your message Poups86. Just to inform you that this thread is inactive since 2013.

hey, OMG club in grand bae and lakaz club cascavelle play the most of electro music in maurice.....

Yes Christine, i've seen that ! But I thought that would help any other person passing by this thread ! ;-)

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