Hi, I'm looking for friend :)

Hi, My name is Junghoo and I'm from Seoul, South Korea.
I live in Prague 5 Klamovka, it's quite nice town so I like it.

I speak English, Korean(of course), and Japanese.
I like taking pictures beautiful buildings or sights. Also finding new good Cafe.

I'm studying medicine to be a doctor in Charles univ. :)
At the first time I got in here I have lots things to do(still I have lots things to do..)
but now I need new good friend so I'm looking for new nice friend. :)

If anyone interested, feel free to send a msg to me :))
I'd be happy to reply you asap.

Have a nice day.

Welcome to Expat.com.

Hello Junghoo.

Welcome to Expat.com! :)


hey bro add me facebook.com/kiartist?ref=tn_tnmn

Hi! Which medical faculty do you study in in Prague? And have you graduated already haha :)

Hello Kassandra,

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