Has Anyone Ever worked for IGIT (International Group for Training) ?

I just got a job offer from this company, and its rather good.  But I'd really like to find some one else who worked for them and hear about their experience.

I have worked in Saudi Arabia before.  And I know how bad some of the companies can be.  Does anyone know ANYTHING about this company?


Do not work for IGIT. They will lure you into coming here with false promises. But once you are here, they will not fully reimburse you for your annual ticket. They may send you to another city than the one they promised, and the list goes on.

I heard a story from a friend first hand about this company. It's extremely ugly. After hearing this story I would never consider working for these guys.

This person, I won't mention their name, went back to their home country to get a passport during a break. International Group for Training (IGIT) were meant to organise flights back to Saudi.

Just hours before his flight back he got a Skype message saying the flight had been changed and he was to go the following day.

The following day he was once again hours from catching his flight and the same happened. A Skype message saying don't get on that flight but get on one the next day. 

On the third day and for the third time in a row, the same happened. Just hours before the flight was due a Skype message came.

This time however, they then asked him to pay for his own flight and to a different destination.

Now there is more to this story. My friend has a wife in Thailand. He was to fly to Thailand for a few days to visit his wife that he had't seen for months and then back to Saudi.

All this messing about and change in destination meant that my friend didn't get to see his wife and that his brief holiday had been totally ruined.

When he got back to Saudi he was obviously very annoyed. His holiday had been ruined, he hadn't seen his wife, and he was needlessly made to pay for an extra flight.

As any sensible person might do, he wrote an e-mail of complaint to the company.  Rather than apologise for their obvious incompetence they said that they wouldn't be able to renew his visa and promptly sent him home a couple of days later.

Of course this was all lies. They had fired him for complaining. These guys had completely screwed his break, made him unable to see his wife, made him pay for an extra flight, then had the audacity to fire him for mentioning it.

If a company feels it has the right to treat an employee like that then fires them for mentioning it, personally that is a big fat red light for me. Don't go near them. Goodnight.

Actually there is a little more. My friend also told me that there were some exchanged "words" on Skype between him and a representative of the company called Eric before he sent the e-mail of complaint. He thinks this guy got the hump about him complaining and that is part of the reason he was fired. So if you do apply watch out for someone of that name. However, it seems the reality is that the company stinks from top to bottom anyway.

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