Meeting Expats in Port Vila

I’m moving to Vanuatu soon for work and I’m wondering whether there’s an expat social group or a new comers group? Keen to meet and make new friends. Cheers!

Hi Dr Gardner,

Welcome to! :)

I am sure you will find lot of new contacts here. Do not hesitate to participate on other threads on the Vanuatu forum.

Thank you,


I just arrived in Port Vila in January and was also looking for a group. I'd hoped that this site would have helped me find one. It never did. However, I have met many great people. There are all sorts of clups, groups and activities. Finding one you are interested in shouldn't be a problem. I'm happy to meet for a coffee or wine when you arrive and share my experiences :-)


hi My name is Sue, my husband and I are Planning on coming to live in Port Vila, I am into oil painting, would like to meet like minded people/artists. Can any one advise on other clubs for meeting other ex pats? kind regards sue

Hi Definitely coming over to live. I love everything about the place. I enjoy all water activities, (ex rig diver) Charitable work and giving. I am a Forex Trader and would love to share my knowledge as I do with friends in OZ. Im not into the gin and tonic expat thing been there and done that in Africa 35 years ago ....dreadful. Not a golfer but happy to meet for functions and chat unless there are other venues. I wont join anything that has a pecking order. Im 61 and want to relax, I am basic and love a laugh. Always fighting the flab.

Wow two more QLDers heading over!

Sue, this is a wonderful place for inspiration to paint :)

Numbat1, we love the diving here and the fact that water activities are available all year as the water stays so warm. There is a swim club that is very active here.

If you are looking to be involved with Charity then there are lots of options here.

Hi Bella, Many thanks for your reply. Doing our homework and looking good to go. If you want a quick meet our last day is Tuesday local tele number is 7106573

Hi Bella, so good of you to reply to my post...Re inspiration, Do you know any Artists here? Was hoping to start a small group, getting together to share ideas and paint socially..
But that is way down the track, got to get here 1st lol...Never been so chilled out, no stress here, love getting a bus any time, love the Nivans too! kind regards sue

Have sent you a PM to arrange a meeting :)
Hope you are enjoying your visit here!

Whoops Apologies I posted on Numbats page Re Artists Den is not into art.

I don't personally know any but I'm sure someone on here will be able to point you in the right direction :)

Hi Im coming over on Friday for 10 days would love to meet up with some expats for a beer during that time and chat about living there etc.

Hi Angie

I am planning to come over in Feb - March 2014,  to work, I am travelling on my own and will
Probably seek share accommodation, furnished t , I am a single female 49 years of age.
Would you have any tidbits that you could share and know of any accommodation places I could go through.
Kind regards

Hi Dr. Gardner,
Did you and yourwifemove to Vanuatu? My husband and I are looking to re-locate in the next few months. We will be in Port Vila on 2/16/14. I would like to ask you some questions about life in Vanuatu. Thank you in advance.

Hi Cyndi, hope you get some people popping up to reply to you :)
Feel free to contact me via private message if you have any specific questions.

Thank you Angie,

I am Roy and will be arriving in May.  My wife Tokiko will come later but we would love to meet you in the near future.


Hi Heather

I just saw your message on the expat site but you obviously sent it months ago! Are you here? If you are, [Moderated: no phone number on the forum pls] we can meet up for a coffee and I can answer any questions. Cheers

Hey just moved to Vanuatu a few weeks ago, as I was lucky enough to get a job here. Im living in Port Vila. Would be great to meet some new people in the area. Im 29 years old from Ireland.


Hi Rob, we are always happy to catch up and chat, will send you a PM with our contact details :)


I'm here since 2 days because of my job and i'm staying 1 month in port vila.
I would like to meet some new people during this month in order to have a life after my job = )

And perahps also travel the weekend around the vanuatu.

Just some quick info about me : I'm 27 and i'm working in a french campany as project manager.

Well, i'm waiting your messages.

Hello I am new here also...anybody new coming in or looking for friendship inbox me and maybe we can try and meet for a coffee...already made one friend so far....Thanks BelleM

I don't give my number out right away until I  meet somebody first thank you   ;)

Hello Cyrene, I am so glad to have found this blog and just saw your profile which quickly caught my eye. I am a Canadian citizen living in Ottawa Canada and attended Central Primary School in
Port Vila in the late 70's. After over 30 years, I finally have a chance to go back and visit Port Vila in a few weeks time (Nov 2014), so excited!!! One of the things I would love to do is visit my old school since I have such fond memories from there.

I am looking for contact information for the school or how to best go about setting up a visit. I also plan on bringing with me some school supplies if this is appropriate. 

But the main reason your profile caught my attention is your reference of a bible study group! I am currently working with my local church here in Ottawa to bring some bibles to a church in Vanuatu, but haven't made much progress in finding a church in Port Vila yet. It started as just a desire to attend a Sunday service there, but then progressed to wanting to make more of a connection with the locals.

I would love to chat with you, any insight would be greatly appreciated!

Hello Elissaw

I think thats how you spell it  :/ ....

Hmmm would you believe I live right near a church and have yet conjured up the courage to go in!?

Its my pit fall...being an only child growing up I lead a pretty secluded life in the sense I needed no body except myself and always found great ways to entertain myself all alone...not to mention the ocassinal game of Jacks and pick up sticks with my mom. She was great like that.

That being said now as I grow older I find I have tons of courage if I have a side kick I can take the reigns a go baby go...anywhere do anything.

So why haven't I walked into that church...every Sunday I say I will go; its at 830 and I always chicken out....because I have no body to go with....  just me.

So your looking for a church ... let me talk to some mutual christians that came here on a mission perhaps they can put me in contact with churches that may need bibles.

What exactly are you looking for perhaps I can better help you if you are more specific ....

Also if you need we can always FaceTime and meet up to chat that way...hoping I can help.

Would love to ... and hope to meet you when your in town Thanks Cyrene  :shy

Hi guys,

I've just moved to Port Vila for work at the end of March. I'd like to meet people to be able to go for a drink or do things in the weekend or after work as I'm only new to the place.

Wanting to enjoy Vanuatu and put a bit back? Port Vila Rotary may be a good choice for you it's a group of people expat & ni-Van who meet Wednesdays at L'Houstalet from 12 to 1, (longer if you don't have to get back to work) unless the meeting is cancelled in favour of a social get together. What do you know about Rotary; it's full of old fogies? Check out our youngest member she's 25 and beautiful. We'd love to have someone younger  join us too. If you have a sense of humour joining us may be good for you, that's if you can accommodate a few new friends.

That sounds like not a bad idea. The only problem is trying to get to the Wednesday meetings as I might not always be in town due to work. Are there any after work or weekend events for catching up?

Hi  I am hoping to meet other expats and new arrivals who are also on their own,  for a coffee and chat would be great.  Cheers Heather

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