Anyone lives in Metro Dorm in Pasig city?

Hi everyone,

I will go to Philippines to look for a job on April 15. I prefer to stay close to Manila. As a budget job seeker, my friend recommends me to stay in Pasig city which is also a business district and close to Manila.

However, I hardly find any dorm in this area beside Metrodorm

Does anyone live here and can give me some feedbacks about the place, as I keep calling and sending email but no answer?

Also, I appreciate if anyone can recommend me the place to stay close to Manila with the affordable expenditure.

Thank you for your help.


Hello Kelly,

I know someone who stayed there from April 9-10, I also had an ocular inspection prior to that.  The place is nice, the compound (Ortigas Home Depot) where the dirm is situated is fully guarded and the dorm itself is also guarded.  The dorm has 2 levels/floors.  You have the option to stay alone, with 2 - 7 persons more, of course the rates vary depending on the number of people who will stay inside the room, kindly check the rates in their website.   

In the middle of their place, there's a main hall, lots of tables and chairs if you have some gatherings, you have visitors or you just want to stay away from your bed, read, or gal/guy haunting  :P  ...

I also know a Vietnamese national who stays in Ortigas Business District and she looks for galfriends.

Im working in Ortigas, pasig and that dorm in quite near to my workplace, hopefully we could meet in the future.

If you have questions, I could also forward a mobile number of my contact person there or I could also ask for her email address.

trixie ;)

Hi Trixie,

Thank you for your information. It is very nice of you to provide me these details.

I took a visual tour to the dorm and everything seems ok. However, I just can't reach them to book or confirm info in advance.

I see there is an internet cafe, so it would be no wifi? right?

Pasig is a business area with high safety, I am wondering why there is not so many dorms. I choose to live in Pasig because it is close to Manila and also the living standard is cheaper than Manila.

I definitely want to meet up with you and your Vietnamese friends if you have time to see a new gal :) Now, I am very excited to everthing and can't wait to explore the Philippines.

Email me at diem.trang34[at] We can talk more and set up a meeting. It will be a fun time for girls.


Hi Kelly,

How is your Manila stay going? I presume you are here by now. Message us anytime here if you needed any assistance or information.  Good luck and enjoy.

Hi there.
Any luck with finding place to stay?
Im trying to find one for myself also but in makati.

but might also consider nearby cities.

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