UK citizen wanting to marry my Mauritian dream girl

I have my perfect woman.

I have my birth certificate, my passport, I'm looking into the whole saying I'm of good health and criminal records check. So my lass got refused entry to visit me and I'm going in 4 weeks to marry her.the problem I'm having is that there is no marriage visa nor is there any information when I phoned the Mauritian embassy. I will quit my job next week so it is a one way jurney. I need to sell the car and I want to book a one way flight. Does anyone have any helpful information? I want to be legal and legit so I can get a job.

A little search in this age of the net : … gners.aspx

Please take note of the following requirement:

(vi) An affidavit sworn before the Master and Registrar of the Supreme Court of Mauritius, as well as a certificate from his/her country of residence, attesting that he/she is in gainful employment or, alternatively, has sufficient means to maintain himself/herself and

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Good links that External has given you
I don't think you can book a one way ticket - you have to have a return ticket to show immigration along with the landing card.
Then they stamp your passport saying how long you can stay here -  effectively a tourist visa. They can issue them for up to 6 months but some people have been given just 3 months.
I'm British married to a Mauritian and obtained my residency last year which was straightforward but I found the Embassy in the UK to be hopeless.
You can find some of my posts on how to obtain residency on the threads that External has given you.
Did you meet her in the weeks holiday you were here?

Thanks, I'm well past the first two links. Iv printed the requirements weeks ago. Got a new passport, my birth certificate and despite my enhanced crb carring more vadility, iv applied for the police check as my crb is aug 2012. I'm not worrying about it as I'm working in care and have no record and know that the Barr scheme will be in soon so I'm sure my recent pay slips can prove that I have been a good boy. Like I say the police check should come soon. Hope they arrive before I go to see my girl!

I know now I am to book a return flight and to tell them when I arrive that I'm coming to marry my dream woman. I just need to find out how long I can stay? I will be quitting my job to come and I can't get this wrong.

Does anyone know how long I can stay for? I may go for a month, maybe six? This information is so hard to find!

Also, take note you say? To sware affidavit. I think that's just a letter signed by a Mauritian lawyer and presented to the court. That, hopefully should be ok I think

You can stay up to six months with no problems, then you get a little phone call from the passport office, this happened to me.
This might help too marrying a mauritan (

Do a search there are many other people who have asked this question

You still need to apply for residency to stay over 6 months even if married to a Mauritian.

I only needed to apply for my identity card and I have lived here for over a year

Oh. Well I just payed £46 for a new births certificate, iv got my old one, yet I know I need a 'legalised' one with a apostle stamp that's £36 to do. It's so expensive to get all this stuff! I'm changing my job to bank so I can run off for a few month. This form should get me my residency. I plan to only stay for two month as my girl thinks it's two month only, at least I can say good bye to everyone if it all works.

And I thought the hard part would be getting a job! I don't speak creole or French. Purely concentrating on the whole marriage and starting a family part, so we can start our lives. It's so exciting. I'm swapping to bank work so I should have a job to fall back into if I fail. However, there won't be anything stopping me I'm sure. Thanks for all your advice.

Gina I'm sorry but I can't see how you can get an Identity card unless you are a citizen of Mauritius or a Resident.
What am I missing here?
As a resident my ID card is very different to my husbands who's a citizen.
Adi it took me around 3 months to get my residency from start to finish - good luck!

theres not much difference in one way and return tickets just book for a year i found emirates is best you can always rebook return flight then if needed.
marriage should be no problem here a lot come here for weddings.
don't know what work you do but money here not good think again on that .
all the best.

took me 4 years to get passport and id card hope this helps

Yep to get citizenship you have to be resident here for 4 years (if married to a Mauritian citizen)

Good idea about being able to move the return flight. Wow, 4 years is a long time! I was hoping to do a PGCE with the MIE as I am a young graduate so I can get a good job to pay off my credit card. Maybe ill have to take up cleaning as a profession instead!

Northern Lad, this ant about the money. I understand what you are saying, but this girl is worth everything to me, far more than I could ever get payed

So, am I missing something about a 'Affidavit?' Will this be easy to get? As this will be the last piece I need to complete the puzzle

not sure why you need an Affidavit but easy to get sol then courts . you will need an morality certificate from uk police,   it's 6 month here then you can get a residence permits no idea as i'm retired.
where are you thinking of staying in mauritius?

It is very simple, enter mauritius with a return ticket booking!!! So in case you want stay here very long you don't have to loose your money on canceling it. Secondly you can enter Mauritius on a tourism visa, they will give it to you for 2 or 3 months, you can always extend it for more up to 6 months but if you have all your papers right as soon as you submit your application, you will receive a paper with which you can already travel. If you have any questions i'm living here since 6 years, so feel free to ask. Lukas

Cheers Lukas for offering your advice. I'm sure I will be asking loads of questions when I finally get over.

From recent experience of marriage in Mauritius - you cannot get married on a tourist visa.

Come here with a return ticket (or a ticket at least booked to Reunion or South Africa) in say 2 months from your date of arrival.

Tell them you are coming to get married - it has to be recored that you are on a marriage visa (same stamp as a tourist stamp) but on their records it is a marriage visa. This is NNNNNBBBB!!

It takes about 3 weeks to get married here - go to the civil status office as soon as you are here. Best get your lady to get all teh information and documentation that you need. You will need to do some affidavits here at the supreme court and get a lawyer. Make sure you bring all the corrrect documents from the UK.

Once you have officially married - then you can stay here but on the correct visa.

goodluck!! paperwork and marriage here is time consuming.

I have my police check - ACPO, my passport - Ips said it's all valid to travel on (I checked), my birth certificate - it's new with the apostille stamp to make it internationally recognised and I have a doctors note - saying that I am of good health from my GP. I have the flights and I will ask for a marriage visa when entering the country, she will be outside waiting for me!

Wish me luck everyone. This is finally happening!

i all the best...i want to suggest you....just to show...your ticket to return to reunion or south have just 30 days to get married...and x the need help...anyway good luck.... we realized...our dream and i wish the same x you

Too late mate- this is nearly a one y.o post !!!

How abut french citizens?

You must tell immigration at the airport that you are here to get married to a mauritius citizen, they will give you a 1 month visa for this purpose. You can no longer get married on a tourist visa. Once you are married you can stay indefinitiely and apply for residency permit. As a man, you have to prove that you can support her, and  you will need to show an employment certificate and current payslips (last 3 months) I believe. You also need a police certificate from the UK, the one issued for immigration purposes (not the local police check).

Alright then.  I guess the same is applicable to other nationalities also...

It took me a long time. I married my wife on the 20th of May 2014. I know it all very well now. If anyone wants some real up-to-date advice I can't tell you it all

1. Order ur police certificate + birth certificate to come at the same time.

2. Enter Mauritius on a Marriage visa. With the new documents (they only last 3 months) and with a bank statement with your card to show you have 30 days funds ($1500).

3. Get a blood test for hep c and HIV. Get your doctors note after showing the Mauritian doc your results.

4. Go to port Louis with:
Passport + 4 photocopies of pic page and arrival visa stamp page.
Birth cert + 1 copy
Divorce/death/marriage cert of you had one + 1 copy
Police cert + copy
Current work contract or pay slips or bank statement to show financial means
Medical certificate from Mauritian doc
If it French you need a certificat de capacit.

5. On the 7th floor of the big building where the Mauritians get their citizenship cards go and see the marriage registrar and he will give you a affidavit for free

6. Got get the affidavit stamped and pay 150mur for it at the courts not far from the place.

7. Come back and get a wedding date

8. Marry 10+ when they can fit you in

I'm not on often but if I can save you the money I had to spend getting it all wrong I like to help.

hi there;I will be same situation as you feeling guilty not being able to get married to my dream girl.
I was into relationship with russian during my studies;she dumped me on the day of marriage for someone else.
I proposed my dream girl on 22 May 2011and we knew each other since 18 April 2011.and you have sell everything in uk to get married.
For me my in laws and parents ,my career are posing problems.

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