Considering a move to Skopje

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Me and my wife are considering a move to Skopje. She is Macedonian, I Slovenian, and currently we live in Slovenia. The situation here is not good however and I see no real chance for improvement in the (near) future. Especially, my wife getting a solid job seems like a mission impossible.

I have a job where Im not location bound and we could live better in MK, since the living cost are quite a lot lower. Besides, my wife would get a job easier.

I'd register as a Sole Proprietor in MK and would close my bussiness here. Does anyone know what the costs/taxes are for this form of company?

I belive many macedonias would find it strange to move from Slovenia to Maceodnia seeking better living, cause they consider Slovenia still the ex-YU power-country it used to be but for our situation it seems like the better option.

Would like to hear some thoughts about this, or maybe some pitfalls I dont see...

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Good morning Quezoy,
to open a private business in Macedonia you have basically 2 options: private enterprenour or limited liability company. Usually accountants advice this second option, whihc requires a minimum capital of around 5.000 EUR (but please check this information, may be my memory is not so good).
In this second case you shall employ yoursefl, with a salary which cannot be less than the minimum stated by the law (in this moment it should something like 100-150 Eur NET, but once more please check).
In any case the tax rates are:
-company income tax: 10%;
-personal income tax: 10%
-gross salary(=company cost)/net salary= approx 1.5 for ordinary salaries (as higher, as more regressive the total cost become, weird but true).
About your wife, considering the unemployment rate and the average salaries here, i don't think she would improve her chances here.
The only plus, for now, is the cost for living. Anyway consider that the public health system has several lacks, therefore almost everybody who can afford it uses private health system, cheaper than in EU but not for free.

5000 euros, sounds kewl but what are the business opportunities what business can one set up?

Well, I am here now, since a couple of months.

All good.

Quezoy :

Well, I am here now, since a couple of months.

All good.

Did you start up a business?

No, I work online, as a freelancer.

5000 euros is correct for a DOOEL (single ownership limited liability company) . You can pay yourself on a contract basis at 10% tax. This includes no contributions for health etc but as a foreigner you will need to prove some form of medical insurance is in place anyway to get a visitors ID enabling you to stay.

Organisations such as the British Business Group of Macedonia and other chambers can help with business and investment advice.

The Macedonia Branch of The Universal Group can help you with company formation, banking, accountancy and payroll if required.

Do you know how much an accountant
charges to do a small business tax in Skopje.

Monthly fee in Dinars

Sorry for the late reply, an accountant costs around 40/50 euro. (2400/3000 denar)
Also depending on the tasks. also note the yearly overview that is obligated in Macedonia in January/February and make sure that is in order before the deadlines, because the fines are huge.

looking for accountant in macedonia who speaks english    email would be great

thanks in advance

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