I am looking for anyone who plays in Ho Chi Minh. I know of a few courts and prices .. Just need some players. Contact me if your interested.

Hi Fretwell,

My partner would be interested as he loves squash and has played for a couple of years. Just wondering which district you have found squash courts?

I play at cresent gym in phu my hung regularly, but also go to the landmark hotel downtown in district 1. If he would like to play let me know and we could arrange a game

hi there
am also a crescent gym member - are you still playing there?
If yes, we could meet up for a match..


OH WOW ANYONE WANT TO PLAY WITH ME? Im alright at squash. Im currently playing for my highschool's varsity team in PA and Im having winter break in Hcmc until Jan 5. Im in desperate need of a hitting partner! Contact me!

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