Need insider info on good international schools in Mumbai

I have a middle school and high school girls. We are trying to find a school that starts at the end of July or in August or September, not in May or June. And not the Americal International School. Way too pricey!

I completely agree when you say, American school of Bombay is way to pricey. It's sad but thats the case with of most private schools in India. Education is getting extremely un-affordable. But that's politics...and I'm sure that won't solve your problems.

I would recommend you to broaden your options and try for some Indian schools, there are many many good ones (expensive - but still lighter on ur pocket). I'm sure experts from Mumbai can recommend a few, especially schools that promote a cosmopolitan culture.

Good Luck !!

I suggest you look out for Pune which has a boarding, here there are many options for international schools.

You can hunt for BK Birla centre for education Talegaon which is half way to Pune, I have seen many expat children out there.


I am in a similar situation with a child in Primary. I am looking for admission in Mumbai in Universal International School Tardeo. Can anyone please advise. How is this school?

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Hmmmmm I have heard that there are other international so many in Mumbai but they are ALL pricey!

As per your need I would recommend  Ascend International School. I have been recently researching for an international school for my son and came across Ascend International School which has a highly qualified faculty and staff, innovative individualized programs, experienced leadership and a progressive education model for the child. For more information, visit

check this out: Dhirubhai Ambani International School :top:

I also shifted three years back to Mumbai.A friend's daughter is a educational consultant.My husband got a job in Hiranandani so was looking out for schools in Thane.She help gave me a list of schools that were good. Infact she helped me with activity centre which could help my child excel in academic.

any idea what are the fees like at the ambani intl school?

Hi, It all depends on where you stay... Generally people prefer closer schools out here due to various factors.. So could you let me know where do you stay? Regards,,Steve

This is Susana Echeverria, now I am living in Brazil, but, for the last four years I was in Mumbai. My two sons have studied in two schools there; during the first two years, in the American school, from where the small one (9) was asked to leave if we did not medicate him for what the psychologist at the school considered ADHD, and we did not; how could we if she never detected, in the two years, that he suffers from dysgraphia, or that he is ambidextrous. The old one (13) was also asked to leave because he was not a good student, he still is not, but he is not been abandoned again.
As both of them are black and adopted, what happened to them affected negatively their self-esteem and my great expectations in the United States educative system; my deception was incommensurable, being myself a teacher with PhD in Philology.
After what happened to my children, they were accepted at the German School of Mumbai (DSB), the oldest international school in the city and, for us, the best we could ask for, as all the staff, from the security and administrative to the teachers and principals have cared, helped, educated and motivated my two sons to go on studying in spite of their difficulties. Both of them consider DSB the best school they have studied so far.


In mumbai there are many international schools.
you can find some in bandra BKC and juhu

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