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Dear parents,

I am a mumpreneur and I love what I am doing - an international daycare (flexible, affordable and most of all a place for our children to play, learn & grow together).

We are thinking to move to Addis and I was thinking to bring also my business with me! Do you think it's a good idea? Do you need or know someone looking for daycare ? Are there too many daycares? Anyone with experience in opening a daycare in Addis? Any advice would be appreciated!

Hello CathyAsfaw.

Welcome to! :)

Hope you'll be helped and advised by other members soon.

Thank you,

I believe there is high demand of excellent day care.So if you bring it you will for sure be successful

hi hi, sure few day cares

Dear cathy Asfaw,

I am planning to open an international day care too. i have the compound on the road to CMC. i will be interested if we can meet and exchange ideas. may be working together can be an option.
intersted? please contact me.

kind regards,

well accepted

It's good idea i can help you a lot. The day care is not enough in addis. I have opened a daycare for my sister we have two years experience and two branch. If you are interested we can do a lot. You can call with +251911956767 or e-mail: tomrmiki[at]

Hi Miki Ethiopia,

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I am currently living in Huntington, New York, USA. I am having 3.5 yr old son which goes to Best Long Island Preschool. Now my husband got transfer to Australia so we will be shifting to New South Whales in next few months. Any suggestion for good preschools there.

Dear aberra.

I was wondering if you have opened daycare around cm? If so I would like to come and see it.
If you can send me the phone number and location.
Thank you.

Dear cathyassefaw.

  I was if you have opened the daycare as you were planning? I just saw your post and I'm a mom looking for a good daycare here in addis.
So if you have opened can you please send me your location address so I can come and take a look.
Thank you.

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