single woman considering move to costa rica

DIDIKAY[at]   thanks.

Still looking ladies. Tx everyone for sharing .I want to to make a trip this year to start towards the process of moving.Mine will be a slower process. Recently returned from the dr it was  an experience because it is was different. But it was warm ,power out off and on and the people very friendly. Since I will be alone my process will be slow.I am still up however if someone want to a meetup there. Again ladies tx for sharing. :D

Soon you will  get a response from several of my friends here in Costa Rica.  We all live in the Central Valley area San Jose, San Pedro.  I have lived in two separate host families here in San Jose.   Neither of them flush the toilet paper. Also the school that I attend here in San Pedro does not flush it's toilet paper.  Both of my tico host families house on demand hot water.  As stated before, the hot water runs for a while, then it runs out of hot water. You have to turn the water off for a few seconds. Then turn the water back on and you have hot water for a couple more minutes. I have been told that this is common in the middle to lower-class housing and families.  And yes, I'm sure if you live in an upper scale gringo housing area, you probably don't have these issues.  If you live with a middle-class Tico family, this is the norm.  Most people that have expressed opinions on this forum say they want to live more Closely to the normal culture.  Right now I am at a hostel in Montverdi and you do not flush the toilet paper here either.   It is not really that big of thing. I am not sure why you are making it sound like it is a Third World issue.  I know that coaster Rica has malls and country clubs.  I have shopped at them. I also know that there's high-speed Internet. I have Wi-Fi at this hostel where I am staying.  I love coaster Rica. With any country there is good and bad. I didn't post those things to discourage people from coming to coaster Rica. I posted them as to the truth of some of the strange and different things they will encounter.  And now that I think about it, the mall in San Pedro even has a receptacle for you to put your toilet paper in and not flush it.  So I don't know where YOU have been living?!

Darn auto correct keeps changing my Costa Rica to coaster Rica.  :)

Didikay and Sherry:  thanks for your emails.  I had been busy with school but will try to get back to you next week while I'm back in the US for a few weeks.

thank you. I also want to stay in a tico home. not necessary with a family but my needs are minimal. wifi is the most important

You know I was in Greace a few years ago and they also didn't have toilet flushing system .Tt went into  a basket and even the better hotel encoura.ged you too also even if  they had a  flushing sytem . Eveywhere else resturents etc tt went a trash can.

When I was in Panama recently checking it out as an alternative to Costa Rica (though CR is my first love) they, too, did not flush the paper. I was fine with that though you do tend to forget sometimes!
The one thing I would have a hard time with is showers BUT as you said that is not everywhere.
  I love Monteverde so anxious to hear how it goes there. Not sure I would want to live there since it gets pretty rainy and cold but it sure is beautiful!
  Looking forward to speaking with you - I am curious if you visited the surrounding towns like Santa Ana, Grecia, etc in the Central Valley. Though I am most interested in living in a more tropical area I don't want the extreme heat. Living in Florida for the last 7 years has been great but the summers are really getting to me and its even hotter there. Some people don't realize the heat is fine for awhile (especially coming from Colorado) but it can be tiresome after awhile and expensive with air conditioning.
  I am hoping to find somewhere near a beach town but in the mountains....but i guess we are all seeking out that perfect place...

I to have been in love with the idea of living in costa rica.  I am soon to have my divorce completed and will know them my budget.  My work is as a veterinary assistant and dog groomer/trainer for 25 yrs.  Would I be able to find work in Costa Rica?
Will be in touch with some of you mature ladies - just like me.

I had a great time in Monteverde.  It is beautiful up there.  It was cooler than here in San Jose and less humid but very remote.  Although in the town, there is most everything you need for daily living. 
I don't know what the law requires here for vet tech.  You would have to look into it.  Dog training, I don't think many Ticos would pay for that but if you got connected in a big expat community, you could probably find clients.

Also I have not checked out very many areas yet.  Will do that when I get back in May.  All Costa Rica is pretty hot.  The beaches are very hot!  Hotter than Central Valley and the ones from Jacob down south are verrrry humid.  My friend says that while Guanacaste gets hot, it is drier there.  I am interested in the area up there from Liberia west to Tamarindo but have to check it out.  Other friends have told me Montezuma is nice so I want to look there too.  But it is remote too.  It just depends on what a person is looking for.

So glad you had a great time in Monteverde! I visited there during my vacation many years ago. Alot of Quakers live there still, right? Really nice place.
  Looking forward to speaking with you more about your experiences....Someone told me I would really like the Arenal area which I have also been to and remember it being beautiful and I just wrote to some women who can probably give me more info.
  Welcome Linda - look forward to hearing more from you.

I am so enjoying all of your conversations. I also am interested in Costa Rica and wondering which part!

I have also heard that Tamarin do was a nice place, maybe a little more costly. I want  to stay for a month a get a feel of the land. I will be coming in the green season, July or august, so I need to stay away from the Pacific north as it gets saturated . I will have to check the stats on Monte Verde. I don't want anything,fancy! Any ideas? I'm used to the Florida heat and humidity so as long as there are fans I don't need air conditioning. Also will be walking and will need public transit near by. Thank all...

There are nice, inexpensive hostels everywhere in this country.  Just do some online research.  Buses run all over the country too but you are going to be on a bus hours and hours if you are traveling from one province to another.  I.e.  bus from San Jose to Monteverde takes 5+ hours.  It is around 3 1/2 by car.  Buses are very reasonable costing though.  Unless you are definitely drawn to one area over another the best place to stay is San Jose area.  It is dirtier and busier than other areas but it is pretty much smack dab in the middle of the country so it is easier going to other places from there.  Just remember in the smaller, less developed areas, the roads can be rough.  What looks like in mileage should not take too long to get to can take a long time due to roads and traffic.  I rented a car to drive to Monteverde.  No issues on the way there.  3 1/2 hours.  A wreck (not us. :)and rain  made the trip take 4 1/2 hours.

Im not familiar with hostels.Do you personally only like carry a backpack only when you go there? I was thinking a suitcase and a backpack. Is there any privacy and safety?

Yes, you can get private rooms.  They cost more but still less than a hotel.  Most are fine to leave stuff in.  Just research a little to make sure it is a clean safe one.  We stayed in one in Monteverde.  I shared a room with my friend.  We had our own bathroom.  Very basic but clean.  Was 12.50 for each of us which included a breakfast of fresh cut fruit (really fresh, they cut it as we were at our table) cereal, eggs, toast and coffee.

Sounds great! Thanks for the info.

Hi Sherry,
    I am also single and I'm 58. I moved to Costa Rica's Caribbean side 6 years ago. I love it here. I am so happy with my life.

   I did not know ahead of time what I would be doing or how I would make a living. And I had only about $5000.00 to start (plus money to buy a car). The money seemed to evaporate and there were all kinds of challenging situations, but things ALWAYS worked out and life just keeps getting better.

   I don't have time to write more, but you can learn alot from my website. I am a writer (among other things). I think you would enjoy my book on moving to Costa Rica as a single woman. It is called, "If She Can Do It, So Can I!" It covers my first two years here.
I wish you the best in your new life!

Thank you for reaching out to me Lisa - I will read you blog and book and look forward to chatting more. Right now as beautiful as the Caribbean side is, that is not the location I will be researching when I visit but I am really glad that you have found such happiness and a beautiful life for yourself!

Thanks for the reply. Best of luck wherever you land!

I,m new to this site and want some info on relocating to Nicaragua or Costa Rica I,m 50ish and retired early because of health issues. I worked a variety of jobs but my profession was in the security field.I noticed by the other people that post here that it is a bit of petty crimes in this area because the residents can tell who the expat,s are and you are not a local.

Not sure what you are referring to in your post, sixtygirl, but you can't work here until a Permanent resident. 
Apply for residency after spending time as a tourist, for an extended period if possible. It is very important if you have a significant and ongoing health concern, to see what treatment is available here. You won't be covered with the socialized healthcare system here, until a legal resident, which may take a year or more...

Applying as a Pensionado and if you are under 55 your payment will higher than those over 55.

Most private insurance companies will not cover pre-existing conditions.

Most residents do choose to use the private doctors and facilities.

If you are receiving SSI, check whether your benefits will continue if you leave the country for more than 30 days.

And yes there is lot's of drug related crime happening right now in Puerto Limón.

Based on your post, I suggest you not try to live in Costa Rica or Nica.

Immigration only accepts pensions that are guaranteed for life when applying as a Pensionado.

:)  There are a lot of petty crimes, mainly in the central valley and downtown area.
Yes you will need some type of residency to work legally in Costa Rica.

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Not allowing foreigners to take Tico jobs "I love it".  Too bad those regulations were not the same in Canada.

HI,,,I am also a single woman looking at retiring in Nicaragua and would like to know more about the possibilities,,and I am interested in working maybe,,,I think it looks like a wonderful relaxing place to live and hope you will comment on this,,,,,thanks so much,,,,Charlene

Hi,,,,what is a Tico job ?????   Charlene

A Tico is a native Costa Rica man. (Tica for a woman)  For a foreigner to work in Costa Rica you must be a permanent resident and that can take around four years.  You can also work if you can obtain a work visa (being sponsored by an employer).  You can do internet based work with no restrictions.  You can own your own business at any time BUT cannot perform any work at all for said business until you are a permanent resident.

Hi Charlene,

I hope you are doing well.

If you don't mind could you please share me the information if you have like how to get a job in Costa rica.

Many Thanks
Abhishek Vats

You really are a wealth of valuable information.  My name is Arwen.  I'm at a crossroads in my life right now and am considering a trip down to investigate potential living situations.  I speak fairly fluent Spanish, I hope to remedy my lack of vocabulary by immersion.  I am 51, single and ready to make some changes in my life.  I don't want to wait to retire, would rather move while I can enjoy it and would need to figure out a way to make a living until then.  Been researching income potential for a US citizen.  If I decided to move I would have enough to buy a place and I've been looking at real estate prices which are certainly more desirable then where I currently am.

Hi I am in the same position you are! Although I have been divorced for a few years. Hoping to retire the first quarter of 2018 looking for a real life change. So I will be following your thread to learn.  Good luck Napa Reds!

2013...easy to accidentally respond to those if not paying attention to the fine print! WHY NOT  DELETE posts over a year old (or even over 6 months THINGS and people change a lot !

Hi Sherry,  Did you move to Costa Rica?  Would you mind sharing some information with me. I am American, live in Bali, thinking of moving to Costa Rica.  A bit older then you.  Have many dogs!   Thanks!!  ***

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Sherry moved back to the US.  She and I were both communicating and met up in CR.  I still go back and forth.  If you have lived in Bali, you will probably do fine in CR.  It is not an easy place for a single woman to live.  Depending on where in the country you live though, can be more difficult than others.

janicebawabali, the more dogs you have, the harder it could  be to find accommodation with a fully fenced property. Plus any dogs flying as 'cargo', is expensive.

Hi.  I would love to talk with you  if u could email me at xxx I live in Cambridge Onatrio.  we have a few things in common

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tennyC :

Hi.  I would love to talk with you  if u could email me at tennycc[at] I live in Cambridge Onatrio.  we have a few things in common

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