Any idea about Qarn Alam or Fahud ?

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I'm from India. My husband has got a job offer as a structural engineer in Muscat. But he will have to stay and work at one of their site offices at Qarn Alam or in Fahud.The salary offered is quiet good.

I've heard that Qarn Alam/Fahud are in the middle of the desert.Does anybody know their working culture,living standard etc?
Any information on this will be really helpful.

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I did some site visits at the following places (Qarn Alam, Fahud and Lekhwair. I was stationed in each of the places as a commissioning engineer for about 3-4 days) basically, they are all located after Ibri.... and right in the middle of the desert. You dont have any sort of amenities there.

We used to have a PDO vehicle that used to ply once a week from those places. The places are quite desolate and only a few scattered portable accommodations prevail. However, I think you've got some better transport in Fahud.

If your directly employed by PDO or similar, you should expect some decent accommodation, otherwise its going to be the potable accommodations.

Recreational activities are close to zero as there is practically nothing to do in any of these places......

Hello Tanya!
Qarn-Alam & Fahud are basically located at the north of Oman (Yes, in the middle of the desert). The work area is basically governed by Petroleum Development of Oman, where the EPC/EMC  contractors / consultants are located. These areas are considered to be remote areas where there is nothing available for leisure, however the basic necessities of life, e.g basic household utilities are indeed available.

I don't know what is the nature of the job, that has been awarded to your husband, however best of luck and let me know incase any further info required.


Thanks to both of you for replying. We're still considering if my husband will take up that job.Thanks anyways.

Not a problem,

But hey, if you got a choice to make, I suggest you avoid the interiors for a long term tenure.... Its kinda cut off from society.... I was a bachelor and I could hardly keep up with it....

I guess its like being at Sea..... by the way, I found a link to PDO sites in the interior, have a look.

Qarn Alam & Fahud sites are Oman oil field area, these areas are controlled by Petroleum Development of Oman (PDO)the biggest organization in Oman. Many companies are working in these area, as per PDO standard the companies has to provide good facility to their employs. According to me even the portocabin accommodation also having good facility and he can get good food. Remote area but inside PDO sites he can get all facilities. Ask ur husband to join, he can get better salary & other benefits.

These 2 areas are oil fields, you got production facilities, huge area with too many people staying there, it is very safe and have every thing around you, but they are not for family stay unless for about 2 days visit, I hope this cleared your question .


Hi, Thanks for your reply. Glad to know that they're providing some good facilities. But they're not going to provide us family we're still not sure if we will take up that offer.

Need someone stationed in Warn Alam to speak to, urgent

Pls share your number. Mine is xxx

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Hi Ahmed,
Are you in Qarn Alam?

Hi Ahmed,
Are you in Qarn Alam?

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