where i can find a gym in likoni

Palz hi all i need 2 ask u any one who knws where i can find a gym in likoni

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I have created a new topic as from your post on the Mombasa forum for better visibility.

Can you please introduce yourself?

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If you contact me on 0720 988520 i may be able to assist you.

Dia tnx if u cn help me s wel nd gud bt wea ru dia u cn call me tru 0712483802

Hello Lutta -> Maybe you could share some informations directly on the forum. ;)


Hello Eva_happy -> Can you please avoid sms language on the forum?

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It's not that straightforward so i needed to speak to the poster. I see she is in Nairobi anyway so not sure what the connection is with Likoni.

If any 1 hea wants 2 asist me plz do it

Eva am not in likoni but I know of gym in town(Mombasa) like sapphire quite reliable. But I will ask my friends who stay there, they might know of one.

Thank u dia am eagerly Happy 2 hav such a friend lyk u 2 asist me dia hw do u c i we ad thru fb

@Eva_happy, please avoid using sms language on the forum.


I do not know why my earlier post was deleted... there is so much biasness on how people relay information here. others are allowed to post numbers but when others do they delete it. Check out your inbox though have left you something in hoping it will not be deleted before you read it

Hi mciy!

What post are you referring to?


A post I had posted earlier..But its fine.. Hope she will access the text in her inbox

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visiting Mombasa next week, and would like to use a gym in likoni, anyone who might have an idea please let me know.

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