Commuting time in the north

Hi everyone,

IS there anyone who could give me an idea of the commuting time by (Car/Moped) in rush hour between:

Grand Baie <-> Calodyn
Grand Baie <-> Grand Gaube
Grand Baie <-> Balaclava

Huge thanks!

By car :

Grand Baie <-> Calodyn 15 minutes max

Grand Baie <-> Grand Gaube 20 minutes max

Grand Baie <-> Balaclava 20 minutes max

Thanks a lot Julien!

Julien :

By car :

Grand Baie <-> Calodyn 15 minutes max

Grand Baie <-> Grand Gaube 20 minutes max

Grand Baie <-> Balaclava 20 minutes max


I am following up on this topic as I have a similar question.

I am looking at commuting : Grand Baie - Ebène - Grand Baie daily.

Would anyone be able to give me their advice regarding commuting time (by car) and whether there is a lot of traffic?

Thanks a lot in advance.

Hi , I've not gone it during peak times but normally 45 mins.

Thank you Barbara! I assume I will be doing it during peak hours though since it's for work. Does anyone have experience of that?

Thanks a lot!

Hello, coming from the North the traffic is not so heavy but it's best to avoid going through the capital, Port Louis, and take the Terre Rouge-Verdun-Trianon Link Road. There have been problems with this road (landslides) when there is heavy rain so bear that in mind although a lot of work has been done to try and rectify this.

The traffic coming into and exiting Ebene during rush hour can be quite heavy though so it might be beneficial to adjust times if you can to minimise this.

Thank you for your answers!

Traffic coming into Ebene in the morning is horrendous. Thus, expect to spend 1hr-1hr15mins in your car every morning.


Hi Stella

I traveled from Grand Baie to Ebene last week for a meeting at 10am and left home around 08h30/40 and went via the Trianon-bypass route as Wandlewed mentioned above. I arrived there at about 09h35, only because the traffic cops stopped the oncoming traffic to allow some cars into Ebene driving down the wrong side of the road as the traffic was so bad, otherwise I would have been late. So that was for a 10am meeting - I'm sure it must be worse for a 8am start.

Good luck!


So what will it be like once they build the "Smart  City" at Ebene?
I dread to think!

Wow, that sounds a bit scary. More than 1 hour and not even rush hour. If anyone actually does this during rush hour, it would be really nice to know the time then...

Also, if anyone can advise as to what the rush hour is (in the morning and in the evening), it would be useful. Maybe I can propose a flexible working time arrangement to my potential employer.

A big thanks to everyone, your help is highly appreciated.


I would say rush hour(s) are from about 07:30 - 09:30, around school closing time, 15:00ish and 16:00 (public sector workers start to finish) up to 19:00. Traffic is a big problem here, but in certain congested areas.

For example, I used to drop my kids to school (Vacoas - Quatre Bornes, not far at all) and it could take an hour easily. I would suggest not making a decision on where you live long-term until you visit and try out the routes. It's nice living near the sea and tourist areas but you wont benefit from them on weekdays if you're driving a lot. I have a friend who works in Ebene and lives five minutes drive away in a really nice residential area.

In addition to the traffic is the poor standard of driving (you can read on other threads) which will add to the stress of a long commute. I hope that is not too off-putting, just being realistic!

Thank you Wandlewed. My husband will be working in Grand Baie, and we thought it would be a good home base. Maybe we should consider a city more in the South, like Balaclava. This is such a dilemma!

Hi Stella,

My wife is gonna make this trip too as from Septembzr but maybe kalodyne(north) or grand gaube to ebene.  In fact we were told that she needs to count 1hr.  If you are for carpooling please do contact her in PM.


Interesting to see all the "long traffic"times. I am relocating from SA in June. Those times are but a pleasure compared to here. A 45 km commute (5 km to national 4 lane highway - 35 km on highway and 5 km suburban to get to work) Anything from 90  - 120 mins.

Dear Stella,

It all depends where you like to stay. If you prefer the crowd and touristic areas, you can go for Trou aux Biches, Grand Bay and Pereybere. Actually among these 3,  I prefer Trou aux Biches as it is relatively less crowded.

If you want to blend in, I will suggest Grand Gaube.

As for the traffic you can have to leave with it.

Anyway, as the island is small, wherever you are on the island, you won't be more than 1hr drive from a public beach!


I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who replied. I start work on May 23 and have posted an ad in the carpooling section. Indeed, I need to get my driving license first before being able to actually drive myself :) So in the meanwhile it'll be carpooling, bus or taxi.

If you can carpool, don't hesitate to contact me..

Nice day to everyone and looking forward to arriving on the island in 2 weeks!

Stella Petersen

Good  luck for your May 23 start.. My start is June 15. I will commute from Pereybere to port Louis most days. Vince

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