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Hi all,

I am in process to move to Oman soon.. my employment visa in process right now. Also want to bring my wife soon after. I was checking the GMCA website for her medical. Can someone asn as my wife had heart surgery about 20 years ago and she is now fit but as per guidelines any major operation will make u unfit for work/reside in GCC.. can someone guide as she is not gona work only housewife.

i dont think you will have any issue with that.

Well HamadB .. I had done her medical and they refuse to give me FIT certificate due to this surgery as its deducted in chest Xray...

As per the GCC procedures, anyone who is medically unfit is not eligable for getting the visa. Its a mendatory requirement, either its an employement or family joining.

Schaz I am coming from east and do require a test. What if I bring my wife on visit visa first and then apply for resident while she is hear... would she need a fit certificate from country or she will do test at oman?

hi liver,
I think there should not be a problem with visa for your wife. She has a condition (NOT a contractable disease that should not be a concern).
I think you should ask specifically the GAMCA ppl that they mention that she has a heart problem rather than writing unfit.
I know ppl who have BP or Diabetes and who get visa...cuz it's not something that others can catch from u.

Good Luck!!

Hi liverpoolfc,

As per GAMCA guidelines,when they perform medical examination,  heart beatings must be regular and consistent and heart function should be normal and free from congenital defects and organic diseases. Now, if your wife had a surgery 20 yrs back, it would definitely had done for some kind of congenital issues. The point here is if she is absolutely normal and the problem is completely cured, there is a chance for hope as this problem is a non-communicalble one. The another reason why GAMCA is very strict about the medical tests is, the employer has to bear all the medical related expenditure once they issue the visa to your family.
Did you do her medical by giving her passoport details and did they give you an official document that says she is UNFIT? If the details were not entered in GAMCA database, you can go another GAMCA center and ask for a general medical check-up and discuss with that doctor. If they can manage a FIT certificate, then back in Oman, they usually do only blood examination. But, it varies heavily on the center and from which country you are coming from.

Hi noushadoptom,

Thanks for the detail answer. She had surgery due to both veins towards heart were joint together not due to some disease. now I have cancelled the test and before i conduct another one I want to make sure that it should get fit.

I do discussed the case with the doctor but they refused to do so.

You can ask a GCC certified tester(medical practitioner)to give a FIT certificate after submitting the medical reports from the hospital where the treatment was undergone

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For Oman visa is allergy to some medicine is subject of rejection of medical test from GAMCA center

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