Does anyone here live in Cali?


I just joined the community. I notice that the majority of expats in Colombia live in Medellin or Bogota.

Does anyone here live in Cali? If so, introduce yourself! :D

I'm Steph, from Ireland, currently living in Cali, Colombia with my Colombian boyfriend. I left Ireland over a year ago for a 'six month backpacking trip around South America'...that turned out to be 4 months backpacking around Colombia, then 6 months in Mexico and then back to Colombia where I have been ever since!


Hello Steph.

Welcome to! :)


Hi Steph!

I live in Cali!

Good to know you are here too.

Let´s keep in touch.


Hi! I will be moving to Cali in May to be with my bofriend and would love to meet friends! :)

Hi Carolina and Lucia! Thanks for responding everyone!

Yay! I am also here because of my Caleño boyfriend! jaja

I'll be in Cali until August or later! :)

Hi Carolina,

My name is Sallie.

My hubby is Caleno! I am Australian and we live in Australia at the moment. However, we are thinking of a move to Colombia at some point during the year. I am unsure whether or not we will live in Barranquilla or Bogota yet, but would love to stay in touch nevertheless....we will be visiting Cali often.

My email is salnev[at] if you would like to stay in touch.

Sal :)

Hello Sallie,

This very cool!! Well, Barranquilla and Bogotá are really different, just the weather is exactly the opposite!

Of course I´d love to keep in touch with you. If you need any help, let me know.

Speak soon ;)

Hi Steph from Ireland. I'm from the U.S. and moved to Cali in September 2008.

Hi Steph,

New here on the site as well but living in Cali and have lived in other parts of Colombia as well.

I am from Los Angeles California. I speak English and Spanish.  Feel free to say hello!

Hi, do you still live in Cali?
I'm Mexican, and I have been here for 4 months working, but I haven't had the opportunity to make many friends and I would to meet people outside of work.


hi wiilern im robert ,i live in houston you plan on staying in cali?  i teach english to a student there, a very nice young lady from a good family. platonic not romantic! i am also learning spanish from her,she is 28,if you plan to live in cali she may be a nice friend for you there. if not well this is irrelevant!! i would also like to be able to email you thru this site from time to time with some questions i may have about cali,i semi retired an amatuer lyricist still trying to write my one hit wonder!! among other things i am also interested in international affairs and economics. so hope to hear from you take care gringo lol

Hi : ) I just joined the site and am looking to meet new people here in Cali. I moved here with my husband in July and I am having a hard time meeting new people because my spanish isn't that great. Are you still living here in cali?

Hi @TanseyE you definitely want to get your Spanish lessons on here. I am from the USA as well but I speak both languages and I see it is necessary here as it isn't a city full of tourism like Bogota or Medellin.

Hi. I just moved here with my husband. Are you enjoying living in Cali

Im an Aussie living in Cali with my Colombian Girlfriend

Hi all! Brand new to the forum and to Cali, I moved here last week from Huntington Beach, California. Would love to meet some new friends in my new home!

Great! that you are  in Cali now tel us more about it please, by the way...  I think will be easy to make new friends people are wonderfull there

Best regards

Hi to everyone reading this thread. I'm from Houston, TX, retired and living in the south of Cali in Barrio Prados del Limonar. Been here just over eight years. I met one American just after my arrival when I rented a temporary place to live and I bumped into a man from Germany about two years ago at the Burger King in Jardin Plaza. Other than that I never met a single person who was not Colombian. I don't know where the expats hang out but it's not in the few places I go. I've thought about moving to Medellin primarily because there seems to be a large, thriving, friendly bunch of expats and working foreign nationals living there.

Cali I think there seems to be quite a few of us, but just spread out across the city. Perhaps we can organize a meet-up or something!

A meetup would be fine. I don't drink and avoid bars due to smoking. I'm not a prude it's just that after 40+ years of smoking, bars, etc. and a heart attack I gave all that up. Regardless I would welcome a chance to meet fellow travelers.

I am visiting Cali and would like to meet other Americans here.
Thanks ahead,

Hi Susie. I'm American from near Houston, TX. You can see from the conversation dates that this forum is not very active. Disappointing. I'd be happy to chat with you and if you wish to meet in person. I miss having someone to talk to who speaks American.  :)
Feel free to email me at ***

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It's unfortunate that the forum isn't that active.  I drop in every few days to see what is new and read what is happening.

I am fairly recent in Cali...  I first came in October and November, returned in early January until almost the end of March.  I am currently in the process of applying for my TP-10 visa and hopefully will have that before I leave.

I will be returning to Cali in April or early May - permanently.  It would be great to hear from other Canadians (in particular) or anyone else who is currently in Cali.


Happy to meet a fellow traveler. I'm not Canadian but maybe a Texan will do. I've been in Cali since 2008. Almost a Colombian if only my Colombian Spanish weren't so bad. Actually all my Spanish is bad. So many words and when/how to use them in context. English seems so simple in comparison.

Man I know the forum isn't active, place is keeping me CRAZY busy but I am still here livin life in Cali!

I am Colombian born, but American raised. I see Americans every once in a while and enjoy having a good conversation. A meet up should be planned! I am from Washington State.

Did you say meetup, Gurrego?

Half a dozen different folks have posted on this thread since late 2016.  That could be a start.

Pick a time and place where Expats would feel comfortable going on a weekday evening or whenever .. and send out invites via PM messaging through this site.


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