Further education colleges for school leavers in uk

My daughter is 17 and leaves school this summer in Scotland. I have Looked into schooling and the British school will look at taking her for another 5th and 6th year but I would like to know if there are any further education colleges that she can attend for courses like sport education etc or even doing more a levels etc . Any advice would be great .


I know the schools run till the children are 18. There are plenty of colleges about but my son is only 11 so not sure about those.

Try looking at the below links (found on google) they may be able to help you. Another option is to email the British School and St Christophers and ask where their school leavers go, both of the schools will be more than happy to help you. … in_Bahrain … hrain.aspx

Thanks for advice will look into this and let u  know how I get on.

I am pretty sure there are a couple of further education colleges in Bahrain - try contacting the Polytechnic - Its NZ run I believe but might be a starting point for you

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