Looking for a second hand Classic Gitar and Bike


"Bir gitar istiyorum,lüften!" Excuse me for my poor Turkish, but I have just arrive in Anakara few days ago.

The issue is that I 'm looking for a Second-Hand GITAR and BIKE. Do anyone know where can I find any of them?

By the way, if anyone is interested in cycling around the city or has any useful information or suggestion about tracks, please, let me know. (It might be an odd proposal, as I haven't seen many bikes so far, but just in case... )


Güle Güle


In Ankara the best place to ride a bike is near Eymir lake. You can find in the map.
If you wanna buy a second hand bike,  may help you.

Hello. I just moved to Ankara for short stay and I'm looking for an acoustic or classical guitar. Where can I find one for hire? Or maybe buy a 2nd hand one and re-sell later. I don't want to travel back with another guitar as I already have.

Many thanks

Hi guys,

You can search/post an ad in CLASSIFIEDS and someone who's selling may get in touch with you.

Good luck

welcome to Ankara you are able to find second hand stuffs in Ulus close to city town.
Ulus is old town but every classical and valuable stuff can be found.

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