I have lost my NIE!!

Hey, I have lost my original NIE and don't have a copy of it...can anyone tell me how to get a replacement copy? I need it urgently!!

Thanks :)

What is NIE?!?

go to the police and ask for another one, it's easy.

You can go to police ( MOSSOS IN BARCELONA)
and make one denounce and after with them
go to police ( spanish police in the same
place when you obtain the NIE original
with denounce and obtained otherNIE

call me if you  need help
now I am in barcelona

speak spanish mother tongue, english, german

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Ok thanks a lot! Do I need to go to mossos first or can I just go straight to get a new one? My spanish is not very good you see!


hi carolina you have  first to go to the Mossos  to make a denunciation about the loss or robbed  your NIE. Go to the Mossos near you. But you can go to  other place to put the report or denounce.After the  MossoS you go to get another NIE at the same place where you was  take first NIE Subdelegation or national spain police, that depend of NIE type or your citizenship.
the Mossos speak english normaly or have traslator normaly.
If you need more help or my help, call me or sending me email
to my private email
I live in sagrada familia ,barcelona center.

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Hey Marie,

My NIE was stolen last month as well. You need to get a police report to in order to replace it, but its quite easy dont worry, the police station can issue you a new one as well!

All the best! x

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my wallet was also recently stolen.  Fortunately, I was able to stop all my bank cards. I've also applied for a new NIE in these 5 days since it's been stolen.  But then all my cards were returned to me by an anonymous caller..

My question: how do I cancel my NIE application? (Not appointment)

HELLO if I request a new NIE, payment,  filled forms, etc
When you make all process  in the police office deliver the NIE stolen and give the new. You can Change in Police Office the new NIE und get to Police the stolen NIE.
If you have just made ​​an appointment to the police and still has not processed the NIE, you can call or visit the Issue of appointment to cancel.
thats all

Hi...I have this problem too!! Can I contact you Maya? Thanks!!!

How many they it will take to get the new nie or the copy of it .

Ali.shahat :

How many they it will take to get the new nie or the copy of it .

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Hello, my Nie was stolen last October 22, 2017 and it will expire on January 15 2018. Do I need to ask for duplicate or proceed to renewal? Please help thanks

There is confusion here.

An NIE never expiries and never needs to be renewed.        If it is lost them one can apply to replace the certificate. It is advisable to make a loss report (denuncia) at a National Police or Guardia Civil office (or whatever is the equivalent in Catalunia etc)  as usually that is required when  one makes an application to replace it.

If it is an EU Citizen Registration Certificate or in the case of a non EU citizen a RESIDENCIA,  again it is best to report the loss and then apply at the Extranjería for the replacement  at the office where you obtained it unless you have moved since then,


I see that you are from Philippines, a non-EU citizen ,  so you must be referring to your plastic residencia  ID card

You will need to report it stolen (denuncia) and then go to National Police  Extranjería  (foreigners Dept)  where you live and tell them what has happened and ask what you will require.   

As you know you are required to carry  that card at all times.

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