Permanent Family Visa (Computer Technician)


My profession on Iqama is Computer technician (fanni haasbe aali)and I have computer engineering degree. Is it possible for me to secure permanent family visa with this profession.

Thanks in advance.


Yes you can.

If you have the "fanni" in your iqama profession name, then you can get your family here using a permanent visa.

Yes you can.

dear can you confrim me document for the  requirement of faani hasib techncain...

@ashfaq1833 :  Please read the comments above


here you go.

1) Appointment letter (taken by the security)
2) Original ISTIQDAM form (attested by CoC)
3) Original company letter (attested by CoC)
4) Copy of IQAMA (Original would also be needed)
5) Arabic translation of Degree Certificate
5) Arabic translation of Marraige Certificate
6) Passport copy (front and last page; including the visa page)
7) Spouse passport copy
8) Fee Payment slip
9) Copy of the scientific qualification (bring the original to the match).
10) Copy of the birth certificates of the children

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