American family moving to Bangkok with gifted child

Hello.  Our family will be relocating to Bangkok for a few years next year.  My son is currently 7 years old (1st grade) and is academically advanced for his age.  He goes to third grade math and reading everyday at his current school here in California.  We do plan on sending him to an international school in Bangkok but I was just curious if anyone knows if the schools work with gifted and advanced children.  He's one of those types who gets very frustrated and bored if he is not challenged.  I've read good things about the schools but just wanted to dig a little deeper and try to get a first hand account of parents opinions of the schools. 



I am moving from London to Bangkok to work in an outstanding International School.  I will be working with a team on Gifted and Talented Learners.  Please inbox me your email so I can give you more information  about it.

Yes the schools are very nice, look fantastic, quite affordable in comparrason. but the Education system still focusses heavily on a much easier and fun focussed (short attention span) Thai way, so yes this can have its advantages especially with some types, however it really depends, just give it a go and see, thats the best advice, you will never know until you give it a shot.

I can recommend you to contact with Bangkok Patana International  School (British) as they are one of the best quality school in Thailand. Let see if they have any special course or recommendation for your son.

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I can recommend Harrow International School (British) I attended it for about 1 year and I really like it ( I am not a English native speaker )

Hello Ldcampbell,

Have you already found school for your son? If not, here's some few that you might wanna check out.

1. Bangkok Patana School
2. New International School of Thailand (NIST)
3. St. Andrews Bangna, Sathorn and Sukhumvit 71
4. Shrewsbury
5. International School of Bangkok (ISB)

Let me know if you need further help on this.
Good Luck!


I would recommend Patana; excellent, rigorous and caring teachers, with great facilities ... and fun!  Go for the best!

We r currently living in Lao. We moved front VA. Our daughter went to a gifted center in
US. She is miserable here in her current international school. I wonder how is your experience in Thailand. We consider moving there for her schooling next year. Thanks


My daughter was miserable too until she stayed  in a International School, which is located right in the heart of Bangkok, well renown but with a very poor academic level (only  sport and recreational activities are taken seriously!)    Since I moved her to Patana, she has blossomed in every sense; the teachers are very qualified, motivated, dedicated, professional, enthusiast and sincerely interested in the students' performance and development; the school has top quality facilities and has an ideal and inspirational setting; it's like a garden, full of fountains; a very pleasant place to be!    It is the kind of school that makes you feel like wanting to go back to school; I am truly and sincerely happy and satisfied with the attentions my daughter is receiving; with the progress she is making,  with the person she is becoming as it is the kind of school that builds up her sense their responsibility.  Before my daughter dreaded going to school but now she feels excited to go to school (This last sentence is hers!).   It is a very serious and strict school but worth it and I am 100% sure your daughter and you will love it!


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I did reply privately. I suggested NIST as I have worked there and they have the most developed Gifted program in Bangkok.


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@ nads1, no worries, thank you for sharing  :cheers:


You need to do some homework on Thai schools and they way the kids are treated

try this link … t-12002092

and … t-11983402

and … t-11947661

and … t-11904028

and … t-11920883

and loads more. taking your child to Thailand they will hate you for it in the end and as you have not done your home work, the roads will kill you the worst in the world.

Sorry to say
Take a body bag as one of you will need it the way the country is now performing

Its a cesspit of corruption, deception and murder. I was lucky I got out just in time.

Oh try this one too … ok-school/

Please make the right decision for your child.

PPS do not bother with TV its full of idiots and many pedefiles.

It is funny that this post cites a half dozen threads from the Thai Visa forum and then criticizes that forum for being full of idiots and pedophiles.  I'm not sure about the pedophiles part but some members there do seem to be working from a limited range of perspective, some never extending discussion past a few words of personal attack.  It can be funny but it gets old fast.

All the same, along with applying some filtering it couldn't hurt to read up on whatever references are out there, and any first hand accounts could be of value.

As for the rest mentioned my kids don't have enough outside perspective to hate me for raising them here; the oldest is 8, born here.  He seems to be doing fine though.  Somehow we haven't been killed in a traffic accident yet, or even been in one, even though I've driven throughout a lot of the country.  The statistics don't lie though, it is dangerous on the roads here, better to limit driving at night on rural highways and be careful all the time.

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