Planning to relocate to Poland, cost of living


I have got an opportunity to move to Poland (Krakow). I would like to understand more about cost of living and esp the education system in Krakow for schools with medium of teaching in English.

The avg salary expected is 14-15k zloty. I have heard the schooling if in English medium is very expensive?

Any help will be appreciated.


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There are few English schools in Krakow but all of them are private. Information regarding monthly fees you can get directly from them. But what I know it's more less few hundred PLN and up for one kid monthly.
14-15k is net or gross? How big is your family? Your employer will cover some costs of your living here (for ex. house rent)or you have to pay for everything on your own?


Thanks for responding Ania.

14-15k is Gross, my understanding is after tax deduction (i.e. nearly 31%), net take home would be roughly 10-11k. My family size is 3. Employer will not cover any cost of living since it would be a permanent role.

What I have heard from colleagues is that usual schooling fees (if Polish schools) is 500-700 PLN per month per child, but if one prefers for a British/American school to ensure English is medium of language, then fees in such schools is hiked to 3500-4000 PLN per child per month. This is what scares me!!

Any clarification will be really appreciated.

Many thanks in advance


10k for the costs of living for 3 people it's really fine.
But I went through some offers from English schools in Krakow and monthly fee in one of them (most popular) is 1000 EUR (it gives more than 4k PLN/month). This is really too much.
I will try to get some more info and let you know.
By the way, what's your kid's age?


she is 3 yrs now...

Thanks Ania

Hi Kinnar, Annia

can you please help with some info? I am considering an offer in Krakow for an IT org. with a monthly salary of 11k (pre-tax).

will it be sufficient to survive for a family of 3 (kid is 2 yrs old, but would need schooling in future)?

also is it a reasonable offer for someone with 12 yrs of exp. in IT MNCs? thanks for your help


Hi Andy!

Can you ask your potential employer what will be your salary after tax? This information will be more usefull.
Did they offer you any extra benefits like private medical care for you and your family or anything else?

Btw, I will be in Pune next week. If you want to meet and get more info let me know :)


Hey Ania,

This sounds good, any information from you personally will be very helpful. My email is fysyty[at], please share your contact details once you are in Pune, thanks a lot (however I need to accept / reject the offer this week :( )

I will ask my org. about the salary post tax, however I would imagine it would be the usual tax deduction in Poland. The medi care etc. has not been discussed yet, I would imagine insurance will be borne by the employer.

Best Regards, Andy

Average Polish wage is around 2.500 PLN, you'll survive with your 11k PLN, don't you worry.

I need help I was Born in Poland to a South African Dad and Polish Mom and moved to South Africa with my folks about 20 years ago however I want to move back to Poland. I am currently working as a software Developer in Johannesburg. I wanted to also find out what is a descent wage for that job with 9+ years of experience? I have a wife and one child.

adding to the discussion going on in this forum, My employer is offering in hand salary (after tax) of 8400 PLN..
which many people on this forum would say very good comparing it with average salaries and other numbers floating abound on internet..
but the math does not always go well because of
1. There is a big cultural/social difference between Europe and Asia.. in countries like India, people are not dependent on Govt for Medical and Education. People here save. period. That mentality is imbibed and inscribed in the Indian genetic codes. In India a person earning 5000 PLN (after tax) would spend 1000 PLN on rent, 750-1000 on grocery, another 500 on personal entertainment/clothing etc, 500 on Children education and save 2000 for his future needs like own house, children's higher education, car, weddings and above all retirement and medical expenses in case of unfortunate times.
But this equation changes when you are in Europe i.e. Poland or say Germany. In Poland, a person will probably save 500 PLN and spend the remaining because Medical and Education is pretty well covered and taken care by Government.
2. In another particular scenario, which is my case, a 8-10 years experienced person, aged 30-34 years, most probably has a family i.e. spouse and children. in that case he spends more on Rent, must have a car, spends more on education, more on food and TRIES TO SAVE ALSO MORE  for his family's future.
MOREOVER, he will surely have some liabilities in his home country like a house mortgage and life insurance premiums.
Plus, it is difficult to let go your existing trend of monthly saving.
Plus, you spouse must be working in your home country which she may not be able to start immediately upon landing in Poland.
So eventually you start comparing post tax salary of your and your wife with the single earning of your's.

I am also in the same dilemma. My Krakow salary is higher than my individual salary in my home country by 1500 PLN but it is less than my salary plus my wife's salary by 1800 PLN. and that's what makes the difference.

let's see how it goes. I came to Krakow once and I loved it.. but with this calculation only God knows what will happen.
finger's crossed.. 


I am looking at for renting apartment, but most of them cost more than average polish salary?
How is this possible?

Hi Kinnar,
if you 14-15K per month is gross salary then also it is very handsome. (if it is NET salary after tax.. then you are very rich)
You will be able to live a comfortable life.
only thing you may not able to afford is international school (if you have 2 children then it is even worse)
cost of int school for 1 child = 4000 PLN per month


kinnark :


I have got an opportunity to move to Poland (Krakow). I would like to understand more about cost of living and esp the education system in Krakow for schools with medium of teaching in English.

The avg salary expected is 14-15k zloty. I have heard the schooling if in English medium is very expensive?

Any help will be appreciated.


It is a big problem for expats who want to send their children to English or American schools in Poland( but also everywhere in Europe apart from the UK and Ireland) because they are very expensive.
The best is to send children to Polish schools if they are young or come with enough money to cover their tuition.

CarolineKrakow :

It is a big problem for expats who want to send their children to English or American schools in Poland( but also everywhere in Europe apart from the UK and Ireland) because they are very expensive.
The best is to send children to Polish schools if they are young or come with enough money to cover their tuition.

You are very right Caroline. I just sense some sort of disappointment or disapproval of those private schools.
Polish children in Germany or England just have to go to German or English school. I know that it must be adding even more stress to parents and feel really sorry for them as the move itself is very stressful, but maybe they should be happy that it is possible at all in this country. True, very expensive but the option that Polish children have abroad is still there.

It is not a problem to attend a Polish school if your child is between 6 to 10 years old but if he or she is a teenager from 11 to 17 years old it might be very difficult without mastering Polish language.
If you are an expat in Poland you should make sure you can afford English language schools or have your company pay for the tuition but if you are an immigrant without enough money then you have no choice but to send your children to Polish local schools.
The situation is the same in every single country.

I am posting some of the answers I gave to people in private messages.
many people are seeing my posts in different threads and asking me similar questions on PM. so this may help new guys.

1) I am from Non IT background Business Analyst, with 12+ years experience being offered a job in Banking and Financial Research domain. How is the work culture and job prospects in Wroclaw? Have heard a lot about long working hours and lower pay during my research on the net. My wife is also with same work background less no. of years experience. Can she apply for job there?
2) I have been offered around 1,20,000 PLN per annum, currently its just me and my wife (previously working currently not working). Would this be a good amount to manage ourselves comfortably(in Bangalore - middle class 1 house 1 car kind), with some decent savings for some emergencies.
3) How is the weather in general? Is it managable cold(in comparison to Bangalore)
4) We are vegetarians, would we be able to settle in there? Food and Vegetables availability. Came across some online Indian Grocery store in Warsaw.
5) Transport - Do we need a personal transport or public transport would suffice? How easy is it to get drivers license? Do public transport suffice daily commute to office and home. Is it normal for people to get their cars to office?
6) Language and cultural differences - Hows the behaviour of people in general. Is it too conservative/ language dominated. Are they ok with Indians among them considering the current unemployment situation. 

P.S - Just managed to get a car and an apartment 6 months back. But trying hard to change job of 8+ years. Would it be worth/affordable starting all over again there incase if I take up this offer.
I am in Krakow.. so dont know much about wroclaw.. specially rent and public transport.
I will try to answer your ques in that order :
1,20,000 PLN per annum is gross salary or in-hand salary ?
120k per annum GROSS is less in Krakow for 12+ yr exp. I am assuming a 12+ yr exp person has a school going child. 120k gross means, 10k gross per month, which mean around 7000 pm in hand. in krakow, if u have a child, 400-500 in school fees(govt school. govt school r free but some miscellaneous expenses ), private preschool (800-1000), international school(3000, yes three thousand).
Also, if u have a child, u need at least 1 BHK house. which is 1500-2000. (I have 2 BHK for 2500)
1000-1200 for monthly grocery.
300 PLN for transport. (i dont know how good it is in wroclaw, it is v good in krakow)
Also, a 12+ yr exp in Bangalore may have a home loan in India.. if u have such thing in india, you need to send money for that too... consider the PLN-INR rate is now around 16.5-17.0 ..
so do your calculations carefully.
coming to work - I am in IT.. so no idea about BFSI.
job propsects I dont know in wroclaw.. but in general Poland is booming now and have jobs.
long working hrs.. ??? may be in BFSI but not in IT. people leave at 5..
yes your wife can apply for job.
2. (answered in 1)
3. weather is very good in summers.. like bangalore sunny and not very hot. 30-35 is max that too just kabhi kabhi .. it will less than that everytime.. winters are very cold. snow and rain. -5 is common. it may go -10 -12 once in a while.
4. for cooking at home, vegetables are available in stores. almost evrything, even dhaniya patti. for eating out, very less options. 1/10 will b veg. plus ask twice before ordering. I fed prawn soup to my child when restaurant guy told me "no-meat" in it.. :-D
5. public transport must b good in wroclaw. just check this on internet. it is v good in krakow. no need of car, at least for a start. I dont have car. we go to school everyday to pick and drop children. we go hear and there every weekend. I am planning to buy car in another 4-5 months.
driving license is easy but costly and lengthy process. 1 months times and 1200-1400 PLN. driving school training is mandatory(inc in the cost). yes people bring car to office.
6. english - again dont know about wroclaw. in krakow, people speak english. this generation is speaking more. older people less/no. in office all speak in polish to each other. but people know english. people are good. frendly, never heard of racism or discrimination. I am telling as per my experience with my house owner, office friends, restaurants, bus drivers, grocery stores, shop keepers, neighbors etc.
Cultural differences - BIG .. have to make stories everytime my daughter see a young girl smoking in the street and ask me why she is smoking if you have told me smoking is bad.. :-D (in india men smoking is common sight, here both men and women smoking is very common).
there is more which is different like friendliness, greeting each other, food habits, inviting friends, partying at home(without disturbing neighbors), going out with friends for party etc.. 
7. you take a call on this. ask them to increase the salary. car is ok, u can sell. in fact I also sold my 6 months old (new) car before coming. flat u can put on rent. so that will add to your income.
I`m considering a move to krakow, wanted to gain some insights from your experience.
I`m being offered around 12k pln gross, what do you think? Is that enough for a couple?
My wife wouldnt be working. Are there any savings that one can plan when getting this sum?

How is the behavior of locals? Are we made to feel unwelcomed?
Any other insights? anything specific I should be asking my employer?
I`m being offered by Luxsoft it is a consultant company.

I do have a home loan, I was thinking that the rent amount should help me keep up with the liability.
Thanks man for the help. Sure i`ll add your number and keep in touch.
Are the apartments centrally heated? I was wondering looking at the winter temperatures.:)
How do you feel about the public transport?

12K pln is very good for 2 people.. you will get in hand around 8400/- you can get a 1 bedroom   1 Living room apartment for 1500-2000 (all inclusive).. food is cheap.. 1000-1500 for monthly grocery.. so you will have enough to save and spend on clothes, food, vacation etc.. if u do not have high liabilities in india like pending home loan or education loan, you should be good..
behavior of locals are very friendly.. young generation is english speaking.. but old people dont speak eng.
nothing specific is coming in my mind for now..
dont worry about the apartments.. buildings r centrally heated.. and flats generally fully furnished.. bed sofa, cooking stove, oven, fridge, washing mc and vaccum cleaner.. and anyways, winters are over now.. by the time u come, it will be summers..

Hi, see this is an old post.  Just wanted to see what happened.  Did you guys move ? Or still in Joburg?  We moving to Krakow in 4 weeks...

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Hello Friends,

I have seen so many useful posts here in this forum, as I am relocating with my spouse to Krakow(Lublańska) in 1st week of  December. I need some more information on these below points and if you find that you can add any more points.

Flat rent - 1500 PLN (1 BHK)  near to  Krakow(Lublańska) ???
Utilities Cost - 400 PLN (Is it correct ????)
Internet - 50 PLN
Transport(2 person) - 190 PLN
Phone bill - 20 PLN (for 2 persons)
Food(Indian) - 1000 PLN (for 2 persons)

Private medical Insurance - ??????
Other Goods and Services - 300 PLN


Utilities monthly costs depend on your  personal usage of heating hot and cold water + building maintenance( cleaning) it would be rather close to 600 PLN per month .The phone bills (T mobile or Play) can amount to 60PLN per month for 2 phones.
For food i don't think you would spend that much if you visit local vegatable markets such as Hala Targowa or even Carrefour Supermarket in ZaKopianska( huge), there is a smaller one in Galeria Krakowska too.
For private medical insurance, i don't know as i use basic European coverage( if you work as an employee in Poland you ll be covered aswell) and i am not sure it is worth it ,maybe the best is just to pay directly at the hospital when you need to go there.
For Transport you need to get a monthly Transportation card you can use in trams and buses but the price changes often.

The area you ll be living is called PRADNIK CZERWONY and i recommend you use a real estate agency ( there are many) because it is less hassle .
Here is s ling with flats ( dom gratka) : -
use google translate to see the specifics if you don't speak or understand Polish.
Have a great relocation in Krakow , a wonderful city.


Ok, so it looks like you are moving close to the city center of Kraków.

Flat rent -- 1500 złoty sounds about right
The phone bill is too low -- you mean mobile only? In that case it would be close to 90 to 100 zł for two people
Food - I assume you will cook at home, then 1000 zł for the month is ok

Private medical insurance -- your company should provide Medicover or Luxmed

Other goods and services take 1000 zł as your base

Hello All,

I am working for an IT firm  and my organization is relocating me to Krakow, Poland. It will be one year contract. My salary is under discussion. Please help me with this and let me know how much salary will be sufficient according to cost of living in Krakow city.

Please help me with cost of rent, food, transport etc..


Rent for a 30 sq m place close to the city centre = 1700 to 2000 pln / month.  For more precise details go to and enter in the details you are looking for

Food expenses -- if you cook at home, budget about 800 pln/month as minimum.
Eating out -- at a takeaway place this is about 10 to 20 pln, anything fancy will be about 50 pln

transporation - budget about 90 pln/month if you want to use public transport

So totally for a SINGLE person, living alone (not sharing a flat), you'd need about 4000 pln / month minimum

I agree .You need 4000-5000 Pln per month and you ll be ok.

I don't advise Gumtree as it is too much hassle for foreigners, the best is to use a Real Estate agency whose staff is fluent in English like Hamilton May Krakow , look at the price of rentals as it wil be your biggest spending … =price_asc
I also advise that you get a flat as closest as possible to your address workplace , so you ask the company in which neighbourghood you would be working and then choose a rental in the same neighbourgood if possible.

and what if I want share rent, so is there any option for budget paying guest or hostel or anything. or any website or portal where I can find such place to rent, on sharing basis?

You need to do some research on Google because i can't help you on this ,surely there must be some people who want to share or rent out a bedroom.

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