Those who already in Luanda.
1. How it is with Internet?
2. Do you need to buy modem or?
3. What are the cost for Internet (monthly)?
4. What company do you reccomend?

Thank you all in advance.


Depend where you are located there are several options
Unitel. conpany company

Do companies provide 3G for smartphones and ipad in Luanda? If yes what is their speed?
Thank you very much

Yes they do have even nano sim for data or i5

Thank you Dan, but what are the cost (eprox)??? We will stay near Hotel Tropico. Also interested in the cost for 3G?

Regarding internet service, Dan wrote down most of useful links already. While there is also one simple way, using u phone as a router, no matter of android or iphone system. active internet system by 19106, normally 125utt=20m, while normally you can use for one month maybe by only charge 250utt because of blug of untel system.

If living near tropic, u will have many choices, tvcable is more stable and faster.

Phone data for 90$~ 600Mb/ month
Ipad data for 90$~ 10g-2 months

what company is providing this prices?

I am talking about Unitel, this what I am using.
I heard that movicel have better.

Thank you Dan. Is anybody can say what is better???? Movicel or Unitel??? Who likes what?

dantrinca :

I am talking about Unitel, this what I am using.
I heard that movicel have better.

What is the speed of your internet with Unitel Dan?

Hi All

Please find below best tarifs and rates for Internet/calls that will save you considerable money:

Movicel Plano Mensal 10,000Kwz
(Movicel monthly plan 68USD)
500 minuts to Movicel.
450 minuts other networks
600 SMS
3GB de internet (3000MB)
5 númbers for free … sal-10000/

Movicel Unlimited  Internet 16,000Kwz
(Movicel Internet monthly plan 96USD)
Get 250GB LTE of data bundle (terms and condicions apply.  Subget to network coverage) … ilimitado/

Unitel (no join call/iInternet plans)
Calls  tarif  1UTT/ 7Kwz ( 0,04Cents USD)

Vários Internet plans,

Unlimited  Internet  but CAP to  20GB LTE ( after  spending  20Gb, speed will   decrease to  270kbs/s or  EDGE) 100USD/ month … 5054050796


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