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Things to do after a child is born within KSA
The hospital provides a letter, which has Baby’s name, Father’s name, Mother’s name along with their iqama nos. (which the hospital registers the newborn in Ministry of Health)
The hospital will give vaccination card and the schedule.
collect all these documents as soon as possible.
First register yourself in MOI website to proceed further.
After logging in you account in MOI website on the right side click on Civil Affairs → Book an appointment →check box   تسجيل واقعة ميلاد  (Registration of birth) and select the location →book the appointment with the available time slots.
Take the below documents  to the civil affairs department
Hospital letter
Form 87 MOI website
Original & Photo copy of Parents Iqama
Original & Photo copy of Parents Passports
50 Riyal (if more than 30 days from birth) – this can be paid at civil affair office itself. (kindly check again)
All the birth certificates will be given in the afternoon, after 2 pm the same day.
After receiving the birth certificate, it should be translated in english for applying passport.
The document must be translated by certified translator.
For applying Indian passport ( Requirements for Birth Registration & Separate Passport (BRSP) for Child):
Birth certificate from M/o Health along with its English  translation in original
Birth registration application and Certificate of Entry forms (Forms 4.pdf )
New Passport form (Form 1.pdf) duly signed by both parents (Child's thumb impression should be affixed in the “Signature Boxes”)
Father’s/Mother’s passport with their names on each other's passport.
Photocopy of Father’s and Mother’s Passport
Copy of marriage certificate duly attested by Home/GA Department of the State Government concerned if husband’s name is not included in wife’s passport
Three (3) passport size photographs of the child
Affidavit of Parents for Separate Passport in Favour of Minor Child –   Form4A.pdf  (to be signed by both parents if residing in KSA)
Affidavit (AFF 2.pdf) signed by one parent if the other parent’s signature cannot be obtained,
Affidavits (AFF 3A.pdf & AFF 3B.pdf) if one parent is a non-Indian.
(Time required : In normal course, on the 4th working day from the date of submission of application or on date of delivery as printed in the acknowledgement receipt)
All the forms can be downloaded from Indian embassy website

Getting Iqama for the baby born within KSA
Fill up the iqama issuance form (better goto Jawazat, give SR 10 guy sitting outside, he will fill the form for you)
Birth certificate original along with photocopy
Baby’s passport original along with photocopy
Father’s iqama original along with photocopy
Mother’s iqama original along with photocopy
Baby’s Vaccination card
Important: Your sponspor’s seal or stamp in the two areas in the  iqama application form
First seal or stamp : half on the baby’s photo and half on the application
Second seal or stamp:  at the end of the application form
Goto the first floor in Jawazat building (near Lulu) → modification center → once you enter, the counter is on the left side (Adding birth  born within Saudi arabia).
Submit the application & and collect the iqama.

i am a nurse working here in jeddah..i have 3 babies ages 3 yrs old and twins 2 yrs old..due to very busy schedules and unavailability of baby sitters my husband ( nadec salesman) wasn't able to process the papers of my children until an unfortunate event took place wherein all our important documents got we are able to obtain new ones and are planning to process their question is, do u have any idea as to how much we will be paying as penalty for the delay of registration of birth ceritificates and iqamas? husband's biggest prob was his supervisors don't give him any time AT ALL to process the papers and always makes promises..we already have all the requirements ready for processing..i have told my husband to file for a local vacation so he wud have enough time to do everything but it seems that his supervisors are not open to the idea and told him that it will not be possible..he's been here in jeddah since 2008 and has not taken any vacations yet..this will be our only chance to process the papers prior to our final exit In Shah Allah next year..hoping for clear answers!..Thanks y'all!

what if after issuing baby's own iqama under father's iqama and went for vacation outside KSA with exit-reentry but did not come back ? will the father receive any penalty once he return to KSA?

Assalamu Alaykum,

I am working here in Dammam, I want to  add my younger son who is of 4 months old now under my sponsorship i.e. Iqama, but as per new rule i cant add him to my sponsorship his father has to do so as my son is born here. I would like to ask , can i send my son on exit?
secondly, can I call him back to saudi under my sponsorship?
I hope i will not get any problem calling him back under my sponsorship.\
Please guide me ASAP


what paper nedded to get iqama for infant

Do i need iqama for my new born baby born in saudia when already i am leaving on final exit from saudia please support ..

I alrady done the birth registration but unfortunately the date of birth encoded in the paper that they gave is wrong.. Please help me on what to do.. i dont know how to read arabic, I just saw it when I bring it on a translation office. thanks in advance  :top:

Please I need list of requirements to make it ready as soon as possible.

helo i just want to ask if we need to make iqama and exit visa for my baby? me and my husband will go for final exit this august. please help!

i got shahada meelad from Ahwal Madni till not get passport for the nb babay.what is time limit to get iqma without penalty? the baby is 75 days

Ma Aira :

Hello, Yes We are still here in Saudi, My IQama is single status, but I have my marriage certificate..translated and stamp ba ministry of foreign affairs

Did u solve ur problem? Bcoz i have d same problem today. I went to register my baby but they want personal appearance of my husband. The problem is, until now he is not here. Visa is still under processing. My baby is 5months already.

afiat ali :

I am from pakistan , i would like to know that i got new baby here in riyadh saudi arabia, i want to know that can i travel with my kid to pakistan without making iqama and passport ,

As I know, yes you can, you need to get the "certificate of repatriation" for your baby from your embassy and travel to your home-country without iqama and passport.

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